Load sata drivers no floppy ( Dell )

  Terry Brown 15:34 26 Sep 2005

I neded to re-install XP home on a Dell 8400 with SATA drive (No IDE Drive), How can I install the SATA files (downloaded from Dell), without a floppy drive

  spud22 15:36 26 Sep 2005

try burning them to cd and booting from cd
if you use nero use the option to make bootable cd

  Chegs ® 16:31 26 Sep 2005

It is possible to create a "slipstreamed" XP install CD that has all the necessary info on the disc(activation key/keyboard settings/hardware drivers,etc)but my previous attempts at "Unattended" install creation has failed every time.

click here

  Terry Brown 16:31 26 Sep 2005

Thanks, but unfortunatly it wil only accept a:

  PC Bilbo 18:03 26 Sep 2005

If you can't do it any other way, and I'm assuming the Mobo has a Floppy Skt, why not juat install one?

They are only about £5 at the fairs for a Sony. If you don't have a spare front bay, I guess you could connect temporarily with side off the PC just to load the drivers and then remove.Even with FDD cable and Power lead ext. you are probably looking at max £10

  oursoulsdad 21:25 26 Sep 2005

Terry - I may be wrong, but I thought the whole point of the slipstreaming solution that Chegs mentioned was that you don't say "yes" to having special drivers and it will just load the drivers from the CD. It only asks for them in the first place because it knows they are not on the original.

Chegs will correct me if I am wrong.

I haven't slipstreamed yet but after having to repair so many times and reinstall the sata drives and SP2 - I think I might even try it myself.

  duce 22:07 26 Sep 2005

I brought a dell dimension 5100 last week, to my suprise, it does not have a floppy drive!!!! I rung up dell and they said it cost extra!!! I think this is definitly penny pinching from dell! Have you try a external usb floppy drive?

  Chegs ® 00:02 27 Sep 2005

Good luck,I have only ever succeeded in creating coasters.

Anyone for coffee?

  Terry Brown 09:30 27 Sep 2005


DELL does not have a bay for a floppy drive,and besides if you open the case you invalidate the warranty. The only option is to purchasea USB floppy drive from somewhere like EBUYER click here for about £14, which is what I will have to do


The machine was supplied with SATA drive only (No IDE Drive), and the XP CD does not contain RAID drivers suitable for a dell machine

  Terry Brown 09:29 28 Sep 2005

I have found out since my last post, that the reason the XP cannot find the Hard Drive is because it is 160GB, and XP only recongnises up to 120GB, without special drivers (Even using NTFS). However I still need to get the Floppy drive to load the Dell drivers before I can split the drive--Catch 22.

  Chegs ® 09:34 28 Sep 2005

Just because I have failed repeatedly at a slipstreamed install CD,does not mean you would to.Try it,its only likely to cost you 19p if it doesn't work,instead of £14 for a USB floppy drive.

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