load up problem.asus a7v400-mx

  westdudes 11:50 09 Oct 2004

hi all...hope u can help me...a friend of mine ordered a comp from planet micro, he never ordered windows xp with it (because he has it on a cd he bought a while ago)

problem.....upon start up i can tell the load up order/boot order is floppy disk first...i need it to be cdrom first....

problem2 the bios on the asus a7v400-mx motherboard does not open...i get two options...'tab' for post screen and alt + f2 for awd flash utilities.....

problem 3....i downloaded the flash utilities from the asus website ( 1001 and awd flash, maybe they wrong ones i dunnu but when i tried loading them from a floppy disk it said missing nvld..no idea what this is)

problem 4...tried using a windows xp boot disk, it does work! however no cd rom drive was accessible and also the hard drive was not accessible....

anyideas? im out of them at minute....if theres anything confusing in my description please dont hesitate to ask a question

take care..thanks

  Mat2 12:51 09 Oct 2004

Hi westdudes

To get into the bios try pressing Delete key.
This works on mine which is Asus A7V600-x M/B which has an award bios aswell.


  westdudes 13:11 09 Oct 2004

i think i tried that but will try it again....any other ideas in the mean time?thanks

  westdudes 21:00 09 Oct 2004

anybody any ideas?

  Mat2 22:30 09 Oct 2004

Have you tried to clear the cmos?

You'll need to go inside the case for this. But first disconnet from the mains.

Locate CLRTC jumper on the motherboard, then change the jumper from pins 2-3 to 1-2 and remove the battery. Then return the jumpers back to 2-3 on the pins then replace the battery. plug the computer back into the mains Now try and enter the bios.


  westdudes 22:32 09 Oct 2004

cheers...problem solved...interesting to say the comp is brand new and i had to do that.....hmmm...anywayz thanks alot.take care

  Mat2 22:40 09 Oct 2004

Your welcome. :)

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