Load dll hook load failed

  mammak 19:21 02 Oct 2006

Right this tiny wee box loads with error message above right after Avast loads up and before Ewido

then the laptop loads as normal

Acer aspire3003LMI 6months old - Windows XP Home sp2 - Avast AV -Spybot search and destroy - Adware 6 personal - Spyware blaster all fully updated, connects to the Internet via BT Yahoo Broadband through Voyager 2091 Router,

the most recent installation was Ewido the resident sheild never loads and it seems to update several times a day hope you can help as it has got me stumped.

thanks in advance Mammak.

  skidzy 19:35 02 Oct 2006

Hi Mammak

I have read recently there is a problem with Ewido's resident shield loading on startup and has to be done manually.I do believe ewido are trying to fix this issue.
I have exactly the same problem,but this does not worry me to much.

Maybe a reinstallation of Avast and Ewido will help,Remove from add and remove programs.

Good luck Ma :-))

  mammak 19:42 02 Oct 2006

Hi and thanks is this DLL issue related do you think? just ran Regscub Xp and it found 28 problems, I wouldnt want to reload Avast unless I really had to though!

but will reload Ewido and see if that fixes things I just dont like errors of any kind

from a very young Ma :-))

  mammak 20:17 02 Oct 2006

Uninstalled Ewido the problem is still there I loath to but I will reinstall Avast and take it from there in hope Mammak I hate errors even though this is not causing any major issues I wont rest till it is sorted.

  skidzy 20:44 02 Oct 2006

Know the feeling Young Ma :-O

Ok,you could try this click here registry optimiser version,it has a section for repairing shared DLL's,you may find this program handy also.

It is the trial version and will work like the full version,except you can only repair 10 errors at any one time whereas the full version repairs all errors in one click.

  mammak 21:13 02 Oct 2006

Hi your a star truly you are (except when you refer to me as old :-))

right have uninstalled avast and reinstalled my minor prob is still there!

I will put my trust in you my faithful skidzy and try the above the reg optimiser,
get back soon K.

  skidzy 21:21 02 Oct 2006

Never would i call you old Mammak,just remembering a little banter we had quite a while ago Lol :-)))

Good luck very young Ma

  mammak 21:32 02 Oct 2006

Thank you my sweet it was a while ago lol I am still young at heart lol although tonight my lovely long hair is ever so pulled out from de root lol.

did not like that reg thingy though it found 256 probs I just canceled soz

and ps dont call me Ma ;-)) you wee ratbag lol

  skidzy 21:47 02 Oct 2006

If in doubt mammak,create a restore point.

I can vouch for Winaso,ive used this for 3 years and on at least 3 systems regular.I know its personal choice,but i think the program is great and never to date have i had a problem.
I have also installed this on several systems and again to date,never had a bad report back to me.

Winaso does have a restore function also,just in case you need reassuring.

Hope this helps Mammak

  mammak 21:58 02 Oct 2006

I am going to call it a day thanks for your help your a good one cheers.

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