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  Meshuga 20:56 26 Oct 2003

My daughter is shotly moving to spain permantly from UK. At the moment she is with Freeserve as ISP. Can anyone advise what she needs to do, if anything,regarding email address, change of ISP or any other problems she might encounter. Thanks,Meshuga.

  AubreyS 21:06 26 Oct 2003

Meshuga? Maybe a mench? She needs to find out the available ISP's in Spain. She should be able to use her email address anywhere.

  john-232317 21:21 26 Oct 2003

Telefonica run a good adsl service 24 7 free router with four connectors, free email accounts, webspace etc for 39 euros a month, but you have to set up phone line first,"Touch of the manyana syndrome". Telefonica speak English, but adsl co only Spanish. Best to pay them to set up unless she is fluent and i mean fluent in Spanish.

If freeserve let her keep her email addy she can use it anywhere.

Email me for more info if needed.


  Meshuga 21:30 26 Oct 2003

Many thanks to AubreyS and dadyssa for your response. Will pass on the info. Regards, Meshuga.

  DieSse 21:39 26 Oct 2003

Many good ISPs here - my current favourites Tiscali click here and Ya click here Both do ADSL with free modems, and simple DIY installation. Ya have AV and anti-spam included.

For dial-up pay as you go accounts, beware many providers now only do Web-mail. Tiscali definately the best here.

She can access the freeserve email for her incoming mail - but bear in mind Freeserve will lapse after a period if you don't log-on to the account.

Telephone connections are different, but a new cable is easy to get when she arrives.

Power sockets are different (though voltage is 220V so no problem there). It's a good idea to bring a connector strip for all the UK sockets, then geta Spanish Schuko plug put on when she gets here. Don't be tempted to use the truly awful adapters.

  DieSse 21:42 26 Oct 2003

PS power supplies are much "iffier" than the UK - a good UPS (get it here) or surge protected plug strip will pay dividends.

  john-232317 21:44 26 Oct 2003

I,ll second that surge thingy...;_)

  Meshuga 07:38 27 Oct 2003

Many thanks to all who responded. Meshuga.

  The Paul 08:18 27 Oct 2003

I hope you dont mind if I hijack your thread. I'm interested in ISP's based in France.

Anyone got any ideas. I know Wanadoo (Freeserve) operate there but I wondered is there any members in France with any views.

Hope you dont mind Meshuga. Paul

  DieSse 08:43 27 Oct 2003

I suggest you start your own thread - you may stand more chance of people seeing your query in an open thread - and you wll get notification of replies.

  The Paul 09:03 27 Oct 2003


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