live radio on my site??

  [DELETED] 21:57 26 Dec 2003

hi there i have seen on a few sites that use php that they have there own radio stations where they broadcast live i was wondering is this able to be done in html please if so can you tell me how or does any one have a link to help me out thanks aaron

  Forum Editor 00:49 27 Dec 2003

via the internet you must have a Radio broadcasting licence. You won't get this until you have attended a course of instruction and passed an exam. In the UK there are three licence levels for amateur broadcasters, and you must start with what's called a foundation licence.

If you want to broadcast music you'll have to pay the Performing Right Society for a licence as well.

Technically and financially this is a pretty challenging thing to be contemplating - are you sure that you want to do it? If the answer's still 'yes'
click here

  [DELETED] 07:56 27 Dec 2003

You will need to run shoutcast software to do it. This can be used in Winamp 5. I myself have run one in the past. All the info can be got from click here and if you want servers for which to stream your radio stations over, one of the few UK companies is click here who I used to use many months ago and were extremely reliable and fast. They have easy to understand guides on how to set everything up and also have all the software needed available for download.

As the forum editor mentions, you will need a radio license, but only to broadcast copyrighted material. If you only want brodacast your own material and unsigned/non-copyright material then everything is fully legal and above board to do it without a license.

  Forum Editor 09:55 27 Dec 2003

I should have mentioned that you don't need a licence for original material - I assumed that new_guy was intending to broadcast copyright protected music.

  [DELETED] 13:55 27 Dec 2003

thanks to both of you i will be wanting to broadcast copyrighted stuff as well so yes i would need to do like you said but thanks for the advice

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