Live messenger/broadband usage problem

  JoE. 15:20 28 Nov 2006

Recently we got a new desktop computer, connected up to the net, and Bob's your uncle.

I use Youtube a bit and I'm as happy as Larry. That is until we get an e-mail from our ISP stating that we'd exceeded the usage for their fair usage policy, and would be placed on shared bandwidth of some sort.

What I believe to be as a result of this, Windows Live messenger struggles to remain signed in at peak times, and usually dosen't succeed at the first attempt. It says in the e-mail that the allowable usage for our connection (1.1Mbs) is 0.75 GB and that we've been using upwards of 1 GB for a couple of weeks.

We didn;t encounter this problem until we got a second computer, but can videos cause this much increase, and is to hold back the only way of curtailing the uploading/downloading use?

Also, is this the same across different providers?

Thanks :o)

  Aargh 15:26 28 Nov 2006

It does vary - I'm with Pipex and I have no usage cap. And yes, downloading videos soon burns up your allowance.

  Jackcoms 15:27 28 Nov 2006

Presumably you are on a BB plan with your ISP which has a monthly download limit?

If so, consider changing to one of their no limit plans.

  anskyber 15:32 28 Nov 2006

This will help you keep track, but yes video is very bandwidth hungry. click here

  JoE. 16:15 28 Nov 2006

Aargh & Jackcoms - To clarify, we don't have a usage cap, it's just we've been exceeding the ISP's 'fair usage policy' recommendations.

anskyber - Thanks, than looks very useful :o)

  Jackcoms 16:18 28 Nov 2006

"To clarify, we don't have a usage cap"

Are you sure? In your post of 15:20 you say:

"It says in the e-mail that the allowable usage for our connection (1.1Mbs) is 0.75 GB"

That sounds like a limit to me.

  JoE. 16:22 28 Nov 2006

because if that was a cap, how have we been able to use upwards of 1GB?

click here

The smallprint at the bottom is, I think, what is happening.

"no formal limits" is what I'm seeing.

  Jackcoms 16:25 28 Nov 2006

Um, I see.

Me thinks that Toucan are playing with words! ;-((

  anskyber 16:28 28 Nov 2006

The fair usage policy says,

"What restrictions do we impose on heavy users?

7.5 It is unlikely that you will be affected by this policy unless you use Peer to Peer or file sharing software or download high volumes of data.

7.6 Our systems monitor the level of usage by each customer. If those systems detect that a customer's level of usage is excessive, that person will be sent a notification by email and will, for the subsequent period of 7 days, contend for bandwidth with other very high users and will be separated from other customers. Consequently, the speed these customers will experience will depend on the activities of other heavy users. Our peak hour usage thresholds are:
• ToucanSurf 512Kb and 1Mb: 0.75 GB
• ToucanSurf 2Mb: 1GB
• ToucanSurf 8Mb: 1.2 GB2"

It looks as if you have been using a lot of bandwidth during peak times which is when the limits apply. The tool I linked to you will reveal all.

  JoE. 17:03 28 Nov 2006

Are there any ISPs out there that have higher acceptable levels of usage?

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