Live mail win7 64 bit

  highside 16:29 28 Feb 2010

Seen similar on the sitebut not exactly as my problem.
Have two laptops, the old one has win7 32bit and the new has 64 bit otherwise all win live mail settings etc are identical but the new laptop will not send mail (receive is OK)
I get a message asking if I want to send the mail in outbox but if I click 'yes' nothing happens. It remains in outbox and Send box remains empty.
No other error messages.
Both machines have Norton both are used with exactly the same email account.
Tried turning off email scanning - no effect.
Windows firewall is off.

Getting desperate anyone help please?

  northumbria61 20:58 28 Feb 2010

click here

Are your settings correct?

  highside 22:16 28 Feb 2010

Thanks for that, have been over and over the settings. Silly thing is that I can send (and receive) from my smartphone to the laptop no problem using my same email address but sending from the computer it appears that the server is rejecting that address even though it is perfectly correct.
Lots of stuff on the net but never fixes anything.
Some things you are advised to try eg changing the Outgoing port from 25 to 587 dont work and anyway the old laptop has the same settings and sends OK

  northumbria61 22:44 28 Feb 2010

I would have thought the problem was in your settings but if you have been over and over them I am unable to help you further as I don't use Windows Live Mail.

  highside 08:10 24 Feb 2011

Thanks for help

  mgmcc 08:40 24 Feb 2011

In the Laptop that doesn't send, I'd try deleting the "Account" in Windows Live Mail and set it up again from scratch. (Existing messages should be unaffected.)

Presumably you're trying to use it in the same location as the other Laptop, i.e. via the same ISP? It is necessary to use the SMTP server of the ISP you're connected to the internet with to send mail.

  chub_tor 10:40 24 Feb 2011

Have you been through the LiveMail Troubleshooter click here if so I would be inclined to uninstall and re-install Live Mail.

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