Live Mail image attachments

  firegamp 12:21 26 Apr 2011

Please can someone help me over a hurdle that trips me every time I go round the Windows 7 Live Mail course? With Eudora, I could click on an image (in My Pictures for instance) mark it to send as an attachment and then send it. With Live Mail, I find myself in Pictures In The Sky Land, with images arriving at the recipient's end in an unviewable form because their tiny size pixillated out and even worse, were on a M'soft Live Sky Drive Photo Album!! I want simplicity! But how???? Can anyone help, please? firegamp

  wiz-king 13:03 26 Apr 2011

Sounds like you are sending the thumbnail not the picture, but as I have never used WLM I dont know how it works.

  Kevscar1 14:35 26 Apr 2011

Neither have I but wuth my mail programmes you click on the paperclip then browse to find your picture or document.

  firegamp 22:10 03 May 2011

*Hi Kevscar and wiz-king.* Thanks for the responses. Kept them in mind as I pondered... Finally cracked prob like this: 1 OPEN and name new Word file. 2 Copy photo and paste it into Word file. 3 PRESS Enter key to put space before next photo, if you're sending others. 4 Repeat 2 and 3 until you have pasted all pix you need. 5 Choose Send As, and click Send Copy of Document as Email. 6 Mail document opens, with clickable attachment in place. 7 Type message if required (or it could be included in Word file). SEND. Long-winded, but it works. Hope this is of use to someone. firegamp

  chub_tor 17:18 04 May 2011

I use Windows Live Mail and use one of two ways to send pictures. My preferred way is just to go to the file that has the pictures I need to send, highlight them with a click (CTRL+click for those not in sequence) then just click on E-Mail which appears in the top bar as soon as a picture is selected. Live Mail opens up a New Email Message box with a blank To address. or Open up the Email Message box via Contacts or EMail Message and use the Attach Files paperclip and search for the photos I want to send.

  chub_tor 19:11 04 May 2011

Or of course you can right click on a picture, select Send To, Mail Recipient and that will open up a blank E-Mail for Windows Live Mail (I am assuming that you have Live Mail selected as your default email client).

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