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  highside 18:43 17 Feb 2010

Got a new laptop so this is the first of a couple of silly questions.

I use Win Live mail and want to use the same account on the new PC as the old one ie both will have the same email account.
Do I enter all the old account settings into the Set Up New account boxes on the new Computer as if setting up from sratch or is there another way??
Thanks for any help.

  tullie 18:47 17 Feb 2010

Everything is exactly the same.

  tullie 18:48 17 Feb 2010

Everything is exactly the same.Its not a new account.

  highside 22:20 17 Feb 2010

Tullie - thankyou.
Whats going on ref: the other replies???

  VCR97 20:01 18 Feb 2010

FE informed of those posts.

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