live hotmail is not loading beacuse of zonealarm??

  GEEKSTA 21:21 28 Jun 2007

i have zonealarm pro and microsoft msn live hotmail. I have the feeling zonealram is affecting live hotmail beacause it take about 5 minutes to load the full version of it.
Is there any way of doing something to zonealarm without turning the whole thing of??


  recap 22:30 28 Jun 2007

You should be able to allow hotmail through in the Program alert option in Zonealarm. click here and click the video tutorial.

  skidzy 06:45 29 Jun 2007

To confirm that Zonealarm is stopping your Live Hotmail have you tried disabling ZA briefly ?

Also using MSCONFIG to stop ZA starting up upon bootup to see if this helps,dont forget to enable ZA once satisfied this is the cause If indeed so.

  GEEKSTA 16:41 30 Jun 2007

yes i have turned of zonealarm and tried hotmail live and it worked fine, loaded straight away, so it is zonealarm, yes?


  skidzy 17:11 30 Jun 2007

Then i suspect you have denied Zonealarm access with one of the allow/deny popups.

Look in the configuration and trusted zone and allow your msn live hotmail.

Alternatively,uninstall and reinstall ZA.Then allow Hotmail when prompted.

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