live footie on PC

  crincklecut 20:53 30 Jan 2007

Hi has anyone had experience of these websites that say you can watch live english football for a one-off fee (around £4.95). I assume they are streamed from another country and was wondering if it was worth the investment or just another con!

  Confab 20:56 30 Jan 2007

click here

Youcan send me the £4.95


  crincklecut 21:00 30 Jan 2007

yes I know about this site...but as for watching live english football!

  audeal 00:36 31 Jan 2007

Try this: click here

  terryf 00:39 31 Jan 2007

I would have thought that the studs on the football boots would have a deleterious effect on the case of the PC when playing live football:-)

  tullie 03:25 31 Jan 2007

Dont waste your money

  birdface 09:07 31 Jan 2007

That looks like a cracker,Under Star Sports 18.00 pm you have the Shefield Wednesday-Fulam,And at 20.00 pm The machester United game.Nice one.

  crincklecut 10:14 31 Jan 2007

Hi Just had a look at this one audeal. Are there any issues with downloading the TVU player, such as virus problems etc, or can I use my existing installed media player.

  birdface 16:55 31 Jan 2007

This was an old posting,A Squared picked it up as a virus,But no other spyware program picked it up,It was put down to a false possitive,click here

  birdface 22:56 31 Jan 2007

Hi,Tried it out to-night,Watched a bit of the Man/United game,Takes a couple of minutes to load,Picture on small screen was good ,But tried to enlarge it ,And not very good,And sound was not great I probably need to add something to computer to get better pictures and sound,

  crincklecut 12:21 01 Feb 2007

Hi- glad to hear you watched the match with no problems. Re full screen you probably need a faster graphics card. I am always very dubious about P2P technology after a virus wiped out my system when copying music (I never said that!)I still have my old PC so may try it out on that.

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