Little yellow splodge with red surround

  Andsome 07:43 06 Nov 2003

When logging onto this site today, the hand which replaces the pointer, when hovered over words has a little yellow splodge on it with a red line round it. This is not happening on any other site, and only happens as I log on Any explanations anyone.

  Andsome 08:10 06 Nov 2003

I use XP Home and Norton AV 2003, plus Norton Personal Firewall 2003. The Norton pop up stopper has never shown this splodge before today, at least I have never noticed it.

  Andsome 08:28 06 Nov 2003

If this is so, it's a funny advert, what is it supposed to mean or do? This is NOT showing on any other website

  Andsome 08:37 06 Nov 2003

I can't follow what you are telling me. I hear no noises at all,( except of course the usual voices).

  Andsome 08:45 06 Nov 2003

Maybe your spooks don't talk to you, they just knock. I've tried turning up the volume with no effect. How are you supposed to view this wonderful knocking advert after you see the yellow spluge with the red line round it?

  Andsome 08:48 06 Nov 2003

Just opened up website again with volume turned up very high, and heard a single slight click. What relevance this click has is beyond me, I still do not see an advert.

  hugh-265156 08:53 06 Nov 2003

lol i think madboy33 ? ? is talking about the centrino advert on the login page,first time i heard it i when to answer the door :-)

havnt seen any splodges though.

  hugh-265156 09:18 06 Nov 2003

i have just noticed that i cant see any underlined words anymore,checked a few threads i knew had highlighted ones in and they dont have them anymore....maybe it is just a pca thing.

of course as soon as i post this they will reappear and prove me wrong.

  Andsome 09:34 06 Nov 2003

I have found the answer. I installed Google tool bar a few days ago. It registers pop ups blocked. When I click onto this site, not only does the little yellow splodge appear over the little hand, it also appears over the word blocked in the centre of the tool bar, and the number increases by one. If you have Google tool bar try it and see. Well done Google for blocking irritating pop ups, although in my case they are already blocked by Norton.

  hugh-265156 09:36 06 Nov 2003

i can see them now lol.

  graham√ 09:36 06 Nov 2003

Underlined in green to me. Don't forget, you're only supposed to see them once.

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