Little red 'SL' next to Start button

  wee eddie 21:06 05 Jun 2003

I am running XP Home with Norton Firewall and AV on an Advent 7007 Laptop.

In the last 24 hours I have noticed a little red SL flick on and disappear, by the Start Button. just as I click on the BT Openworld button.

BT rejected a virus last night and Norton Quarantined the same virus this evening just after I logged on.

NAV had just run an update. So I logged off and ran a full scan but there was no mention of the quarantined virus.

Are we talking Bugbear here or something else.

  wee eddie 18:47 06 Jun 2003

The 2 letters appear on the left-hand end of the Task-bar, for about a second or so. Not in any sort of frame or anything.

The timing is interesting.

The BT Dialler gives me a start button to press. After I have pressed this button, just as the telephone goes "ting" but before the dialler has started to dial.

I have not noticed any other differences in the laptops behaviour.

  wee eddie 17:55 07 Jun 2003

I suppose it could be Symantec Live, but somehow I doubt it.

I live in hope!

  wee eddie 21:59 10 Jun 2003

Googled! This looks like it but why it has just started displaying, 9 months after purchase, I have no idea. (Please no Nativity comments)

This a post from the recommended site.

System Tray icon for modems based on SGS-Thomson Microelectronics’ chipsets (also called STMicroelectronics). This chipset seems to be used mainly in AMR or USB modems. The System Tray icon is installed during the modem driver installation. It enables the end-user to turn ON or OFF features such as the modem speaker, and other minor settings.

Recommendation :
Some users have reported crashes and lockups (freezes) caused by this task, so you may want to disable it with Startup Manager.

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