A little problem with Helproom.

  birdface 17:13 06 Nov 2008

Just a little nigggle.Only in Helproom. If I go to a second page of a thread.At the top where it shows how many pages there are open.I get it in duplicate.Anyone else notice it or is it just me .

  Rahere 17:18 06 Nov 2008

I always get the bottom entry of the last page first - I haven't seen any other glitches....

  birdface 17:24 06 Nov 2008

I seem to get it twice,I get page 1/2 and under that I get page 1/2 again.Just wonder if its a Virgin thing.

  Rahere 17:29 06 Nov 2008

still not able to reproduce this on XP with Opera 9.62 - doesn't seem to do the trick I mentioned above either - strange

  T I M B O 17:34 06 Nov 2008

Would this have anything to do with opening things in a new window. Have you tried re setting ur explorer ??

  rawprawn 17:47 06 Nov 2008

Hi buteman, sorry its OK here. Not too many Malts I hope ;))

  birdface 17:51 06 Nov 2008

No its not a problem.I think it may go away when I reboot.It just gives you the number of the page twice.Just a little niggle and as no one else appears to be getting it.it must just be a problem with my set up.I can't do a reboot at the moment as I have something running.So will try a bit later.

  birdface 17:53 06 Nov 2008

No.But a Jolly good idea.Maybe have a large Brandy later.

  Rahere 18:00 06 Nov 2008

Bit quiet here innit?

Malt for me please! I drink brandy too quickly - have you noticed the better it is the easier it goes down?

  T I M B O 18:05 06 Nov 2008

Brandy burns on the way down nowerdays, so i stick to dry white wine, that goes down pretty good too

  birdface 18:11 06 Nov 2008

Lets see if it shows on here.click here

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