Little help on downloading please?

  Dragon111 19:40 01 Sep 2003

I play an online game called Eve. Recentely, I could not get in it. So I reinstalled it, but the patch needed to play the game will not install.
The Eve Support said to download the last file in the patch it was working on, which I am doing right now, then extract the new file to the client file and install the patch.

I am not a techy, so does extracting the new file into the client file mean extract into the patch file? And if so, How do I extract into the file?
I would appreciate the help. I cant get around much, so this game keeps me from going insane :)

  Lozzy 10:53 02 Sep 2003

suggest you get them to talk you through it

  ordep 10:58 02 Sep 2003

How are you getting on Dragon111

  Dragon111 19:48 02 Sep 2003

well, no go. My last chance is to download the FULL version. which is the game and the patch. Will take around 40 hours to download, hehe But a friend from EvE said he would post it to me. Hes got Broadband. I am 1 mile out from the relay, oh well :)

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