A little Blue Ring whirling Round in Vista

  prince midas 12:09 17 Jan 2009

Whenever I right click in Vista to check the properties,Delete file etc a little Blue Circle appears and whirls about for a couple of minutes before bringing up the screen giving me the option to view, delete etc. In Xp the message comes up instantly,Is this correct.

  oldbeefer2 12:16 17 Jan 2009

Something adrift somewhere - just tried it on mine, and it takes a millisecond.

  wee eddie 12:19 17 Jan 2009

How much Memory have you?

How big are the Files you are trying to Delete?

When did you last Clear your Recycle Bin?

  Pineman100 12:21 17 Jan 2009

The whirly blue circle is (as I'm sure you know) the Vista equivalent of the hourglass. It means 'please wait'.

How much memory have you got in your computer, and what version of Vista are you running?

Have you got a lot of other stuff running in the background?

  Pineman100 12:21 17 Jan 2009

Sorry - I cross-posted you!

  User-1229748 12:42 17 Jan 2009

i'm running vista home premium on 1gig of ram but same as oldbeefer2 it takes a millisecond

  mooly 13:22 17 Jan 2009

Dont even see it on mine when right clicking. Something amiss there.

  Pine Man 13:38 17 Jan 2009

Used to be a problem for some people before SP1 was introduced. Have you installed it yet?

  wee eddie 14:15 17 Jan 2009

I would guess that 1GB RAM is your problem, they say that you need a minimum of 2GB for Vista Home.

Does your Hard Drive get used as Virtual Memory on a regular basis? If so a little Extra RAM would do the trick.

  prince midas 14:55 17 Jan 2009

It is a brand new laptop with 4Gig memory.

  Pine Man 08:15 18 Jan 2009

Take it back. There is something wrong with it.

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