Little audio cable supplied with video card. Help!

  palmy mike 13:42 13 Nov 2008

I've just installed my EVGA 9800gx2 video card and I love it!

One thing that's puzzling me (go easy on me technically)....

There is a little audio cable supplied. You stick one end in the card, and the other end in the mobo. It's a 2 pin cable.
Apparently, it supplies 5.1 sound to the card, which can then travel through the hdmi cable to my telly.

The problem is, I can't find where the little 2 pin cable connects on to the mobo! Apparently I'm looking for the 'INTERNAL S/PDIF CONNECTION'.

I have an ASUS M2N4-SLI mobo, which I am told has the correct connection available.

Does anyone know where it is, and more challengingly, does anyone know how to explain to me how to find it? There are a couple of 3 pin connections, with little caps on them but I'm scarred to try them in case it's wrong and I fry something!

Thanks in advance.


  DieSse 14:18 13 Nov 2008

click here

Read the spec - and look at the back panel connectors - it'll be the yellow one on it's own.

The manual is a tad confusing - on the large board layout it shows an internal connector right under the front panel audio connectors - on the detailed views it's not shown or referred to - very odd.

  Condom 14:19 13 Nov 2008

I'm not certain about this but I believe your MOBO has an external coaxial SPDIF socket (yellow). If you are using your on board sound then there should be no need to use this cable at all as it will be done via the motherboard circuitary.

If you are using a separate sound card then you may find the 2 pin connector on the sound card, but again you might not have to use.

  Stuartli 15:55 13 Nov 2008

In your Sound Card's Properties (in Device Manager), from the Properties tab select Use Audio Features.

Also go to your optical drive(s) Properties in Device Manager and select Enable Digital CD Audio from the Properties tab.

  Stuartli 15:56 13 Nov 2008

You shouldn't need to connect any audio cables if you have a motherboard produced in the last few years.

  palmy mike 09:54 14 Nov 2008

Thanks everyone for your replies.

It's a fairly recent mobo I think. It's an ASUS M2N4-SLI.

Opened her up and had another look at it last night. I've looked all over and all I can find is a couple of 4 pin connectors near the Audio in/out area.

There is no sound coming from the HDMI port, only picture. I have looked through all the nvidia settings, and the onboard sound settings. Can't find anything to tick/untick that may help.

Think I'm going to have to give up and buy a cheapo sound card. Hopefully this will have the 2pin connector I need.

In agreement?

  palmy mike 13:09 14 Nov 2008


Beta, you are a legend.
According to that diagram you posted, the bit I need to plug the 2pin wire into is one of the bits I was afraid of touching. It's right underneath my video card. I hope there's room for it to fit in because this particular video card is like a skate board!

Will connect it up tonight and let you all know how I get on.

I'm not using Vista, I'm on xp pro. Upgraded to Vista, didn't like it, and went back.

Thanks again!

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