Lithium-ion battery-info please

  rickf 21:34 18 Oct 2003

Does anyone have any ideas as to the life span of the above battery on average use? I need to know. Thanks.

  rickf 21:49 18 Oct 2003

Just wondering as I have just bought a Creative Jukebox Zen for my son and the battery is not replaceable. Given that the warranty is just one year on this product it seems that it will last as long as the battery. On the new NX model the battery can be replaced when it finally dies. My fault really, should have done a bit more research. Considering that the thing costs over £200, it becomes a very expensive item. SO BEWARE.

  rickf 22:00 18 Oct 2003

My thread says its in a creative jukebox zen h/d mp3 player.

  rickf 22:14 18 Oct 2003

Thanks all. I'll leave it open for a while longer as some others might be interested.

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