liteon dvd writer help

  User-D71D889C-6AFC-4960-9B24C8CE67EBD244 01:27 04 Jan 2004

could someone help me to instal the above. i have a 2 hard drives, dvd rom and a dvd writer. not quite sure on the ide cable side. at the mo i have it so the two hard drives are on one lead and the two dvd drives on the other. any help would be great.


  cream. 01:39 04 Jan 2004

My personal preference would be to have your main hard drive ( windows) on primary master and the dvdrom on primary slave. I would then have the dvd writer on Secondary master and the slave hard drive on secondary slave.

If you do not know how to set your peripherals to different settings, then post back.

Hope this helps.

ive tied this but its not reconising the drives on boot up. went into bios to see if i could change settings and i tried automatically detect option and nothing happened.


  cream. 13:58 04 Jan 2004

Have you checked the jumper settings on the back of the drives. These are are little plastic lugs that fit on two pins at a time. The instructions for putting the jumper/jumpers in the right place are printed on the drive.

You have two ribbon cables coming from the motherboard and attached to these are two connectors( two for each ribbon cable, four in all) So you must have one device set as master and the other device set as slave for each ribbon cable.

In my experience dvd writers do like to be master for there own channel. That is why I suggested your slave hard drive go over to the secondary slave, You should have the right Jumper setting for this already. Also your main hard drive, primary master, should have the jumper settings already set as master.

For ease I would have you Primary master, main hard drive and your secondary slave, slave hard drive connected and leave the other two disconnected for the moment. Boot up and enter the bios and auto detect them.

If all goes well then connect the primary slave, dvdrom drive, check the jumper setting is for slave and boot up to the bios. Auto detect it.

If all three drives are registering, then connect the dvd writer to the secondary master, check the jumper settings are for master and boot to bios. Auto detect it and then boot to windows.

Now put your burning software on the machine and you should be up and running.

  GuyR 18:51 04 Jan 2004

on the IDE channel, they should be labelled ide1 and ide2 on the motherboard (or zero and 1).

The lowest number IDE connection is for the hard drives, modern boards also use colour coding for the connections.

Your connections are correct at present e.g. optical drives on one cable and the hard drives on the other.

One HDD gets set to master the other as slave, the master is connected at the end of the cable, the slave on the middle connection.

Same system for the optical drives, set one as master the other as slave.

To set the drives as master / slave put the jumper pins onto position as indicated on the units themselves. Most come set as master so it is up to you to decide which drives you want to become slaves.

DO NOT put a HDD and Optical drives onto the same cable. One uses 40 cable ribbon the hdd uses 80 ribbon.

so do most people burn with 2 drives or do they just burn to the hard drive first? any ideas would be great. also do you think removing the battery to reset bios would be a good idea?


  cream. 23:15 04 Jan 2004

The reason I have mine setup this way is so I can burn on the fly ( disk to disk ) with the dvdrom and dvd writer. From the primary channel to the secondary channel.

The same with the hard drives. This means data is not travelling up and down the same ribbon cable.

As I have stated above this is my personal choice and it works very well for me. 40 pin 80 wire IDE cables do reduce the bottle neck for transferring data on the same IDE channel, and most optical drives now are DMA2 to DMA4.Hard drives running at DMA5 and DMA6. These setting do produce fast transfer rates.

Why do you want to reset the bios?

If you do want to reset it,the bios, to factory defaults just enter the bios and pick the option for reset to standard default or similar wording.

ok have taken your advice which i am v greatfull for. will let you know how i goes.

thanks again :)

  THE TERMINATOR 03:12 05 Jan 2004

Smarty1974, the village idiot is perfectly right.
HD1 + DVD ROM on cable1 (HD1 has windows on it)
HD2 + DVD WRITER on cable2

I have this configuration too. If you put both the DVD drives on the same cable, Windows will always be searching the drives for disks, and will lock up your system. Take that to the bank.

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