LiteOn DVD R/W not recognising discs

  wotan 09:48 27 Sep 2007

I have installed a new LiteOn DVD R/W in place of an existing DVD player. The new hardware will read discs occasionaly but not play them,displaying contents, then showing an error message of either unable to play this format or there is an I/O problem and the disc cannot be played. This applies to both DVDs and CDs. The CD burner I have will read and play the CDs o.k. so the problem is not with the discs. I have checked the jumper settings, and have tried switching settings, making the CD master and the DVD slave, I have also tried switching the cables with no success. When I first installed the DVD it was identified in My Computer as a DVD but now shows as only a CD.
I have tried three different makes of DVD disc along with pre recorded discs and still get the same message. I have tried uninstalling the player and rebooting but no joy, I use XP Home as O.S. and have tried both Nero v7 and Cyberlink PowerDVD v6. but neither will play discs.
Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received .

  [email protected] 10:10 27 Sep 2007

try downloading latest firmware
click here

  wotan 07:27 28 Sep 2007

Hi Raven,
Thanks for the reply, unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an upgrade available for the model I have got. I am baffled by the fact that the player is reading some details on the discs such as title and track details but when I attempt to play the contents I am told that neither Windows Media Player nor Nero supports the format. This occurs with both pre-recorded discs and discs I have burnt myself on another burner using Nero or WMP. These discs all play normally in the older player. A friend has suggested there may be a problem with the power supply giving an intermitant voltage to the burner, apparently this would not affect a player but could cause a combination player/burner to malfunction, so I am going to have alook at that and see if that helps.
Thanks again,

  Technotiger 08:39 28 Sep 2007

Hi, could of course be a faulty new drive.

  wotan 10:38 28 Sep 2007

Hi Technotiger,
I have considered this, but I have already returned one drive as faulty and want to make sure this one is not malfunctioning because of something in my system before I send this one back.

  wotan 18:53 28 Sep 2007

Have fitted new IDE cable and there is some hope, I am able to view the contents of both CD and DVD discs in the player, however when I click play I am told disc may be dirty or damaged and player shuts down. Could this be the result of a damaged drive?

  Technotiger 18:57 28 Sep 2007

Could be ... misaligned laser or even simply dirty laser - though the latter being less likely on a new drive.

  wotan 13:25 29 Sep 2007

Back again, some progress, I still cannot get player to recognise discs, but now with new IDE cable and Power supply, I am getting error message 80040265 and message stating disc with unsupported format in drive. I have tried discs in both DVD player and CD ROM and they all play using Nero, WMP and Cyberlink so it would appear there is a fault with the drive and I will be returning it unless anyone can shed some light on this.

  wotan 13:50 29 Sep 2007

More information now coming from player, I am getting an error message reading
Logical Unit Communication CRC Error (Ultra DMA /32)(040803).
Anyone out there able to translate this or is it simply saying hardware is U.S.?

  wotan 15:05 30 Sep 2007

Marking this as resolved and sending the drive back for replacement as everything works o.k. with the old drive re-installed.
Thanks to all who replied with suggestions for their time and effort.
Regards, Wotan.

  beeuuem 19:12 30 Sep 2007

This deals with a similar problem click here

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