Liteon DVD HDD recorder- deleting timer settings.

  Sapins 12:16 10 Apr 2005

I am trying to delete a timer setting on this recorder, can anyone tell me how to do this please.

  SANTOS7 13:00 10 Apr 2005

click here
this may help..

  Sapins 13:15 10 Apr 2005


I'm afraid your link is of no help. What I've done is set a time to record from midnight tomorrow when it should have been 1am. I want to change it to start at 1am but when I input this new start time it say's invalid entry so I can't change it.

  SANTOS7 13:25 10 Apr 2005

click here
not sure if this is the model you have but there is a link for time shift,hope this helps..

  Sapins 13:34 10 Apr 2005

I have read this page, none of the sections tells you how to delete a timer setting though.

  SANTOS7 13:44 10 Apr 2005

click here
if you don't have a product manual with the info you need you may get it from here...

  pj123 14:41 10 Apr 2005

Possibly the failsafe method is to unplug it from the mains for a bit (to lose it's memory) and then set it up again.

I have the Liteon 5005 (no hard disk) but all I am using it for at the moment is to transfer all my old Beta tapes to DVD. Haven't got into recording off air yet.

  SEASHANTY 15:03 10 Apr 2005

The Panasonic DVD recorders have an "asterix" marked key labelled CANCEL on the remote control for deleting timer info. Does the Liteon remote have something similar?

  Graham ® 15:38 10 Apr 2005

There's got to be something in the Recording menu.

Any road up, an extra hours' recording won't hurt the hard drive!

  Sapins 20:24 10 Apr 2005

Hi all,

I have the manual and I've read it from cover to cover and it doesn't tell you how to delete a timer setting.

I have found the "cancel" button in the timer section, it is not on the remote control, but the timer entry is still there, I wonder if it has actually cancelled but does not show up as such?

You're right Graham ® an extra hour won't hurt but I thought I would be able to delete a timer setting or at least change it. "Any road up" is a northern saying from round about Hartlepool? Are you from thereabouts?

Another problem I'm having is when I record something and then stop recording I cannot get back to the programmes without switching off the decoder and switching it back on. what am I doing wrong?

I have e-mailed Liteon but looking at the English in their help files I'm not sure they will understand what I am talking about, mind you most people don't understand what I am talking about:-(

  Sapins 13:05 11 Apr 2005

I owe Liteon an apology, they have replied, in perfect English, to my e-mail.

You can't actually delete a timer setting you go via "Record" select the timer setting, press enter and change the timer settings, simple really when you know how:-(

So you were spot on Graham ®.

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