Lite-On LDW851S DVD Writer Problems

  SoundStormDiscos 15:00 27 Oct 2005

Hi there, I was pointed here by a friend, hopefully someone can answer my question :)

My trusty Lite-On LDW851S DVD burner has decided to not read or write to CDs of any sort. DVDs are fine, doesn't have a problem with that, its just CDs it doesn't like. I just flashed it with the latest firmware upgrade, but still it refuses to work. I'm using Nero by the way. When you click burn it says there isn't anything in the drive. It used to read/write CDs when it was new.

So my questions are:

1) Anyone have any ideas to resolve my issue?

2) If not, can anyone suggest a good (cheap ?30-?40) DVD/CD writer (internal IDE) that I could buy (preferable not from eBuyer!)

Thanks in advance,


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:24 27 Oct 2005

Firstly check the security of the IDE ribbon cable at drive and motherboard.

or swap cables

If no suceess then

Problem: Disc is not recognized displaying 'disc', 'error', etc.
Possible causes:

Damaged lens suspension or damaged lens cover preventing free movement.

Dirt, gummed up lubrication, or damage in lens drive mechanism.

Bad component in optical pickup.

Cracks in ribbon cable to optical pickup.

Need to adjust servo (or less likely, optical) alignment.

Faulty power supply, electronics, or control logic.

Cheaper to buy a new one than fix.

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