lite-on cdrw

  User-81724FED-925D-49B3-BCBB206EFD620277 22:22 17 Feb 2003

hi there i have a lite-on ltr-24103s. for some unknown reason my machine keeps loosing the drive from all areas and the drive just stops functioning even if it is mid game running from cd. could anyone advise how to fix this and what could be wrong. i have this idea that i think updated drivers for Windows XP may be needed as this CDRW drive is in a machine with Windows XP Pro operating system on it. i have tried to disconnect the cd drive and restart the comp then remove all traces and then restart the comp with the drive back in. but this still doesnt solve the problem. this problem does not occur all the time it is just occasionally but i find it most inconvienient and anoying.
please help all help will be greatfully recieved thanks. stan


  howard60 22:59 17 Feb 2003

all the connections one could be not 100% in. remove the ribbon cable from the unit and the mobo also pull out the power lead. Put them all back in and keep everything crossed.

  woodchip 23:08 17 Feb 2003

Have you loaded the software you got with the CDRW as this contains the drivers for your CDRW

tryed all connection all ok
did not get software with cdrw as it was built into a tower unit i purchased could you please advise where i could get the software from please.

  woodchip 23:36 17 Feb 2003

Software is normally supplied when you buy a CDRW, each drive is different in that not all software supplied the drivers for all CDRW's You could ask on hear by creating a new thread naming the Model number of your CDRW and what software was supplied with it. It may be "CD Creator or NERO" You can buy the software separate but it is imperative that you get the correct program

  grove34 23:42 17 Feb 2003

it's nero!!

  woodchip 23:46 17 Feb 2003

There you are that did not take long,click here

thanks for the help so far but i dont think you have got the jist of what i mean. i dont mean software as in a burning prog like 'nero' or 'adaptec' i mean such as drivers that maybe updated from the ones i have which are the windows default drivers. when purchasing a cdr or cdrw you usually get a 3 1/2 inch floppy diskette with the drive containing drivers but i did not recieve such things. so could anyone please tell me where to get this from or how to get an updated driver for my hardware that will be more compatible with windows XP.
thanks stan

  woodchip 23:04 18 Feb 2003

The drivers for you CDRW are in the software NERO , instead of the generic Windows Drivers

  woodchip 23:06 18 Feb 2003

PS they are not loaded separately like other drivers, they load when you load NERO

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