Lite-On 160gb hard drive shows 32gb

  foxesden 19:27 31 Jul 2018

Hi everyone, I pulled a 160gb Seagate hard drive from a Lite-On DVD recorder, but it is only showing 32gb in Disk Management. I want to use this drive as storage. I have it hooked up to my laptop via a SATA/USB cable and power pack. When I look at the properties for this drive (F) I see HL-DT-ST DVD+RW GA10N - DVD/CD Rom Drives, ST3160022ACE USB Device - Disk Drives, ST9160310AS - Disk Drives.

When I look at it in Disk Management I see 2 partitions, 200mb Healthy (EFI System Partition), Lite-On (F), 31.3gb FAT32, Healthy (Primary)

Can anyone help me restore this HD to 160gb? Grateful for any help.

  foxesden 20:54 31 Jul 2018

Solved! I removed the jumpers, deleted the partitions and ran the first aid. Now shows 159.7gb so all is good. Thanks for looking anyway.

  foxesden 20:59 31 Jul 2018

Thanks Archie44, I did look at that, but the hidden partition was not showing anywhere. I guess it was something to do with the way the unit was set up for the HDD DVD recorder by Lite-on.

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