Linux USB modem

  Graham ® 13:02 18 Jul 2005

Some of you may have watched the epic battle between Xandros Linux and octal, LastChip and myself over the weekend.

The USB ADSL modem appeared to have installed, however the Internet Connection Wizard, Hardware Detection, is not finding it. Maybe because it needs additional configuring for PlusNet?

How do I check this, please?

  octal 13:10 18 Jul 2005

Good afternoon, you probably haven't checked that big thread, I posted this which I found on Plusnet

click here

Any good? I doesn't mean much to me though, sorry.

  Graham ® 13:25 18 Jul 2005

Yes, I saw it and printed the relevant details. I've had a look at the modem, but I can't see how to enter the details without deleting it and starting again.

  octal 13:37 18 Jul 2005

The details should be entered in the config file in the Admin console. If you can wait till I get home from work this evening I'll install the driver on my machine and see if I can make sense of it.

In the meantime would you be willing to ask the guys/gals on the Xandros forum? click here there is a wealth on knowledge on there and they are very helpful.

  Graham ® 13:59 18 Jul 2005

I'll wait 'til you get home. I will browse the forum also.

  octal 19:49 18 Jul 2005

I have installed the modem driver on my system so I can try and get to grips on how it works. For a start print the instructions on this site, you are going to need them click here

I think I've worked it out. The following instructions can be carried in your user account, so if you sign in as user.

Open file manager and navigate to the modem driver eciadsl-usermode-0.10-nortek-alpha

Right mouse click on it and open a console. Then type su in the console window and hit the return key this means Super User, this effectively lets you carry out tasks in a user account as Administrator so it will ask for the Administrator's password, type it in.

Then type:

make cfg

Then hit the return key, you should get this click here type in 1 then you have to enter the details it asks for, the first one being your user name, which I suspect will be you main email address with PlusNet. I think you just follow the instructions in the tutorial from PlusNet.

As I say I know nothing about ADSL so if someone is also reading this maybe they can help confirm what you are doing is correct.

Let me know how you get on.

  Graham ® 19:57 18 Jul 2005

Printed, off to Linux!

  Graham ® 20:18 18 Jul 2005

I can't see the modem as user, only as Admin.

  octal 20:34 18 Jul 2005

No problem, you've probably got all files system hidden as user. If you go to View and put a tick in Show All File Systems then you'll see All files in the tree open the folder marked / and the modem should be there.

Really it shouldn't be in that location, but don't worry about it for now, that will do for a future lesson in Linux.

  Graham ® 21:01 18 Jul 2005

The files still zipped! Maybe you have to do the process all at once?

Leave it with me for now, I'll go back to the other thread and continue from 'Extract all...', in the morning.

  octal 21:07 18 Jul 2005

Don't do any unzipping yet, can you send me a screen shot of your folder tree including the modem folder? I'm sure you've already done that and there should be a folder there called eciadsl-usermode-0.10-nortek-alpha, you will still see the zipped file, just ignore it.

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