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  Ex plorer 14:38 26 Nov 2009

Hi after installing Linux Ubuntu I now want to delete it from the hard drive.

I have goggled for advice but I think a new install using Samsung Recovery Restore and wipe the drive clean.

I want to Continue with Ubuntu and I was thinking of buying a mini external HD.
Can any one see a problem with this method?

Reason for the uninstall I had a problem with Ubuntu and decided to reinstall using the same DVD.
I now have 1&2 Ubuntu two different Desktops and its messed up the wireless connection ok when hard wired.
I could ask on the Ubuntu site but I prefer PCA for advice.

  kjrider 15:07 26 Nov 2009

When you install Ubuntu you can tell it to use the whole HD and reformat it.

  scotty 16:14 26 Nov 2009

Can you confirm exactly what you want to do? You wish to remove Ubuntu from the internal harddrive. Do you have another operating system (Windows) on the same drive? Do you use a bootloader (e.g. Grub) to select your operating system?

You cannot delete an operating system from within that operating system. (e.g. Windows does not allow you to Format C:\). An easy way to reclaim the disc space used by Ubuntu is to run a live linux OS from a CD (you can use the same CD as you used to install Ubuntu in the first place). The partitioning tool GParted (as mentioned by Poitier) is available from your Ubuntu live CD. GParted allows you to delete partitions and to resize partitions. You will want to delete the Ubuntu and Swap partitions (Ubuntu partition will probably be an ext3 formatted partition).

Although GParted will remove Ubuntu and free up the disc space, you may still need to modify the Master Boot Record (MBR).

Running Ubuntu from an external USB drive is possible (I use this method and don't notice much of a speed difference). Obviously, your pc must be able to boot from a USB drive. There is an Advanced option on one of the last install steps for Ubuntu which allows you to place the bootloader on the external drive, other than that, installation is identical to a standard install.

Take the obvious precautions! When you delete a partition, you will loose everything in it. Make sure you understand which partition is which.

  Ex plorer 16:21 26 Nov 2009

Hi Poitier thanks for the info once I have backed all I want I will give this a try, first need to get a DVD Living in the country has its down falls when you run out of things.
Or I may run it from the PC.
kjrider also thanks for advice.

  Ex plorer 17:06 26 Nov 2009

Hi scotty thanks for all that,
I am running Vista Home I was in windows but now in

BootPage GNU Grub version 1~97 Beta 4

UB line in 2.631-14 Generic
UB line in 2.631-14 Generic Recovery
Windows Boot
Windows Boot Recovery
UB line in 2.631-14 Generic Con /Dev/SDA5
UB line in 2.631-14 Recovery

I went through a problem report but was refused as it said it wasnt a official copy?

I thought if removed all on the C drive this would remove the UBUNTU and it would be an easy way round to be rid of it. Vista is stored on d drive and I would reload with my Samsung dics.
Assuming its on C Drive
I know its Drastic but if there are other ways I can but try.

  Ex plorer 23:11 26 Nov 2009

Hi I have reloaded UBuntu 9.10 and reloaded up to the partition but I cant see GParted or any mention of ext3.
There is a slider but that's all.
I have had a look through all F numbers at start up but I cant find any reference.
You can make all the drive for ubutu by deleting the driveor do a manual partitioning.

as I said in my first thread Ubuntu seems to bo twice.
Maybe you under stand the following
Ubuntu /dev/sda/7 26.7GB
swap8 1.2GB
Ubuntu/dev/sda5 52.4GB
Swap6 2.3GB

Ubuntu /Dev/sda5 26.7GB
Ubunt Swap 2.54GB

  woodchip 23:32 26 Nov 2009

If there is nothing on the Drive you need you can wipe the drive using Killdisk. then reload Ubuntu

Download on the left click here Run it from a Floppy or USB pen drive but you will need to change BIOS to boot from one of them as first boot device

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