linux teething problems help please

  MJS WARLORD 18:28 16 Dec 2016

i installed linux mint and boot it up by press f8 then hdd boot option and use the top option which is load 64bit linux mint 18/

how do i make it so that i can just turn on pc and get it to desktop just like a windows pc.

i installed 32 bit comodo anti virus but i click the icon and it obviously does not work , when i tried to install the 64 bit version i just got error reports and it aborted the install ........ what other free anti virus could i try.

finally am i now stuck with linux on the spare pc i put it on because i cant get my windows recovery discs to do a factory reset , is ther another way to get windows back

  Belatucadrus 20:09 16 Dec 2016

What options did you use when installing Mint, I'm assuming Dual boot as my Mint PC boots straight into the OS as normal, but I did install it as the sole Operating System. If you went for a multi boot, what options other than Mint 18 are available when you press F8 ? You probably need to look at this bumph on Grub the boot order utility in order to set it to your requirements.

For an alternative to Comodo check out Sophos

As to using Windows recovery disks what type of PC is it ? Maybe somebody will have hands on experience in resetting one.

  LastChip 22:12 16 Dec 2016

I'm not quite sure what you've done as you shouldn't have to press any "f" key to get your computer to boot.

Normally, if there's another operating system Linux will recognise that and offer a screen that lets you select the operating system you wish to use.

Or alternatively, as Belatucadrus (and myself) have done, it will simply boot straight into Linux.

It sounds like you may have to look at GRUB2 (which is the boot loader) to see what has happened.

I'm also not sure what you did with Comodo. You cannot use a Windows .exe file in Linux. Did you download the Linux 64 bit version of Comodo?

  Jollyjohn 13:26 17 Dec 2016

What happens if you do not press any keys when you power up the PC?

Most Linux distros will give a screen similar to:-

LinuxMint 18

linuxmint 18 safe mode



At this point the top one is automatically selected and if you want Windows, use the arrow keys to move down and select. The default setting is for this menu to display for 10 seconds

  Jollyjohn 13:33 17 Dec 2016

The correct way to install stuff on Linux is to use the Package Manager, Synaptic, for Mint.

Find Synaptic Package Manager and open it, you will be prompted for your password. In the search box type Anti virus and search. Clamav should be listed, tick the box and "Mark for installation" Then Apply.

To update your system. Open Synaptic, select Reload, Mark all updates, Apply. Once completed Logout and log in again.

Hope this helps, come back if you have any more questions.

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