linux safer than xp

  adamagain 01:11 30 Apr 2010

Just wondered is it safer to log in to bank with linux as theres less chance of problems with spywere etc.
Also would my bank site know i was using a different o.S and reject my loging in as its different from my usual O.S xp.

  LastChip 02:13 30 Apr 2010

Linux (in my view) is unquestionably safer than XP.

Almost certainly, you would be using a version of Firefox in Linux, which is well supported by banks in the UK. There is no reason your login should be rejected just because of the operating system you are using.

I use Linux all the time for on-line banking with no issues at all.

If you want the safest option of all, do your on-line banking from a live Linux CD, which of course, cannot be written to.

  Covergirl 11:08 30 Apr 2010

. . . nobody can be bothered to attack it due to lack of userbase :-)

Running from a "Live" CD may not provide all the functionality required, i.e. recent or current versions of things such as java, flash etc.

  LastChip 13:05 30 Apr 2010

Joking or not, that remark shows complete ignorance of what Linux is all about, or indeed, the difference in architectures between Windows and Linux.

Allow me to tell you, core banking functions don't use flash and any respectable web developer at that level wouldn't even consider it's use in a secure environment.

Having used live CD's for banking, I can assure you there is no problem.

  Jollyjohn 17:24 30 Apr 2010

Good call LastChip - I use Linux all the time and the only site I have a problem with is Scottish Hydro and there response was - "So what if you cant login - use internet explorer" I changed energy suppliers!

  LastChip 22:21 30 Apr 2010

I develop a website for my son (amongst other things!) and go to a great deal of trouble making sure it works properly in all the major browsers.

Anyone that has that attitude, should be sent packing; end of story! Well done Sir.

  dms_05 10:49 01 May 2010

I sometimes use Linux and sometimes use Windows (7 and XP). I have no problems using any OS and Linux is perfectly interchangeable with Windows.

I also use Opera for my browser and have more problems with some banks not supporting Opera than not supporting Linux.

Personally I think the safest combination is Linux with Opera. To use Covergirls reasoning its an almost invisible browser on an almost invisible OS!

If you want total stability and superb security use Linux. I prefer Mepis Linux but look at PCLinux and Mint Linux and find the one you like. Unlike Microsoft and Apple you don't have to use what they dictate so experience freedom. click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:58 01 May 2010

If you use good security software, and keep it up to date, I see no reason why Windows should be any less safe for internet banking than nay other operating system.

Don't be conned by Linux fans.

  ubuntu1user1jb 10:07 02 May 2010

Yes it is very safe to bank in Linux such as Ubuntu and Bank will be ok with it

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