a linux question

  fitcher 21:29 02 Dec 2005

may be not for this forum ,,but has anyone had a problem with the suse 10 linux .has it a bug ?it is this,, everything works fine ..desk top up ok .but after a few minutes the task bar dissappeares ..this is no worry as one can go through the my computer icon for applications ,just very niggling .never had this problem with suse 9 or previous versions ..

  mgmcc 21:53 02 Dec 2005

I haven't experienced that problem with SuSE 10. Actually, after using 8.1 a couple of years ago, I've loaded "10" to try Linux again and have been very pleasantly surprised. It's a dramatic improvement - things like networking (wired and wireless), printing, scanning just worked more or less "out of the box". I never got any of them working previously.

  Chegs ®™ 21:55 02 Dec 2005

I have just reinstalled XP as I had been using Suse 9.2 all week but earlier today I lost all sound,my Firefox 1.5 returned to v1.0.7,my WiFi cards driver refused to be installed and a couple of other hardware items wouldn't work at all.Most occured after a reboot,so rather than struggle,here I am on windows again.

  mgmcc 22:09 02 Dec 2005

<<< I have just reinstalled XP as I had been using Suse 9.2 >>>

I have a hard drive caddy instead of a fixed hard drive in the PC, so I can just shut it down, pull out the Windows drive, shove in the SuSE drive and off it goes.

  Chegs ®™ 22:18 02 Dec 2005

I have 2xIDE and 2xSATA,a selection of imaging apps so I just create an image of the OS and then swap around between them.I could also just alter the master/slave arrangements on IDE,or easier,switch between SATA and IDE in BIOS.I'm not going to faff around though if the OS is acting weird,especially a linux one as I'm not that brill with it.

  007al 23:36 02 Dec 2005

ive been thinking about putting another hard disc in and installing linux on it.ive never used it,and im very tempted to try.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:23 03 Dec 2005

I've been using 10 for a few weeks now and the only real problem I've had is getting the online update via YAST to work - I still can't connect, either on my desktop or my laptop. I can do manual updates but not automatic and it's a bit of a a pain.

Otherwise I'm impressed with it.

  fitcher 11:37 03 Dec 2005

I do like the linux 10 .it seems have a clearer text than the older versions .(could be my new specs)it could be the old hard drive acting up ,,causing my problem ,,it is very noisy anyway,,nice to read the linux comments from you . close now cheers all, alan,,

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