LINUX Question

  keith-236785 11:50 22 Dec 2004


i have just installed and am now running fedora redhat linux, my question is how do i get to my windows folder for my documents/pictures/music etc....

i am a newbie to linux but sort of know the basics as long as it isnt via the terminal (im not ready for that yet lol)

any help getting to grips with this would be most welcome.

thanks in advance

  Gaz_dc 13:41 22 Dec 2004

If there is no icon for it on the desktop, you will have to access your windows partition via the file manager (I think it is called nautilus or something). Go to the /mnt directory and you should see all of the file systems that have been mounted, ie floppy, cds etc. Your windows one will probably be something like hda (hard disk a). Open it up and you'll soon see, as it will take you to the root folder of your windows disk (c:\) and you can then navigate to your my documents from there. You can easily create a short cut to this on the desk top to save this hassle every time you want to view a picy

  keith-236785 23:33 22 Dec 2004


thanks for that, i will give it a go tomorrow. i dont have an icon on the desktop but i will check out the other way


  keith-236785 12:06 23 Dec 2004

anyone else got any ideas, i tried what was suggested and in mnt there is only two cdrom drives and floppy drive.

so next question is how do i mount my hard drives so i can access them.

i have two hard drives, an 80 gig IDE with windowsxp and linux in a dual boot, and an 80 gig SATA drive for storing stuff including a norton ghost image of windowsxp (my backup)

if i can just get round these niggly problems then i might just move over to linux proper, but lots have to be sorted first like my Canon MP360 print/scan/copy which is recognised but has no drivers for linux....i can get the printer to work but not the scanner... but i will deal with that when i can solve the immediate problem of the hard drives.

thanks again in advance

  Gaz_dc 13:48 23 Dec 2004

Try the following (assuming your windows partition is the first hard disk, first partition)

mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows

If that doesn't work click here for more help.


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