Linux question

  dazzling (work) 23:14 05 Nov 2004

im going to have another crack at linux.ive decided on mandrake because itsuppourts my adsl modem fingers crossed.can sombody more knowledgeable than me tell me what the difference between mandrake 10.0 official and community is.mant thanks darren

  dazzling (work) 03:05 06 Nov 2004

wheres taran when you need him ?

  dth 11:15 06 Nov 2004

One has a greater range of software available through the Mandrake Club. You might be better, in my opinion, if you are new to Linux downloading and installing Suse 9.1 from:-

click here

  dazzling 14:46 07 Nov 2004

thanks for that had mandrake 9.2 running but no suppourt for have broardband and mandrake 10 suppourts my sagem modem.did think about suse but according to their hardware database my modems not suppourted. cheers darren

  dth 12:28 10 Nov 2004

If it is working then yes (of course) you are best to stick with things as they are. Linux is fine with adsl router/modems that connect with a network
connector but poor with the cheapy usb modems.

  powerless 21:23 10 Nov 2004

or I could be wrong.

Community - Free download, but no commercial software.

Offcial - Pay for version with commercial software. And maybe access to other benefits.

  Gaz 25 23:14 10 Nov 2004

Community has less drivers, no support and less in-built software.

Offical includes more drivers, extra tools and free/commercial software with easy to install rpm's and technical support.

  LastChip 00:59 11 Nov 2004

Is probably THE easiest distro you are likely to get - bar none!

Gaz 25 has explained the difference.

With regards to support, there are masses of enthusiasts world wide only too pleased to help, so if you get a problem, go to the Mandrake Expert site and ask the question or a simple search in Google, will often provide an answer.

I hope you enjoy the experience.

  dazzling 19:12 11 Nov 2004

thanks guys thats very helpfull i will soldier on this time i think it will take a while for me to get the hang of this command line thing but you never know.darren

  LastChip 21:16 11 Nov 2004

What command line ;-)

You will find to start with, almost everything you need to do in Mandrake can be done from a Graphical User Interface (GUI). The CD will even load the operating system for you, via a GUI. All you have to do is set your BIOS to use the CD Drive as your first boot device.

The command line is a seriously powerful tool in the right hands, but like all things worth doing, it takes time to learn just a few of it's enormous capabilities.

It would be a big mistake to think of a modern Linux distro as some sort of basic DOS. It's way beyond that stage.

  zanwalk 21:59 11 Nov 2004

Just installed Mandrake 10.1 Community tonight, installation was a breeze - 25mins and everything was up and running.

I would also agree with LastChip's post wholeheartedly.

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