Linux Partition Question

  Embezzler 11:37 15 Apr 2003

I'm thinking of installing Linux RedHat 8.0 on my second Hard which is already occupied with Data which i need and do not want to lose.

So, I was thinking if i made a Partition using Partition Magic for Linux would this be ok? and how much space should i allow for it?

I will not be installing any other software with it as i'm only using it for testing purposes.

  John-259217 21:47 15 Apr 2003

Ah well as I said its just a personal opinion most people find no problems with GRUB and its more capable than some other options (and yes I know it should be GRand Unified Bootloader not universal but I was trying to do several things at once!:-)

Partly though I`m bumping this thread back up to see if anyone has any comments about the problems with the auto-partitioner. I had not tried the install on a dual drive system until today but used it successfully on several other single drive comps. with and without Windows partitions. Can anyone offer an explanation?

  powerless 21:56 15 Apr 2003

Backups are esential i must STRESS that when you come to install Linux on the same drive as Windows or even on a seperate drive.

I would not use the Auto partitoner as Linux would take advantage of all that free space.

I have experimented with Linux installations and only once have i had a problem. When i came to boot into windows i had a message something like "kggogogg¬¬¦¦¦¦¦¦jgjgjg" Well Fdisk/mbr sorted that problem out.

I have used the Linux boot loader, a boot floppy and no boot disc/loader of any kind and they all worked perfectly.

If you plan to use Linux alot then use a boot loader as it gives you the OS choices.

If you are going to boot into Linux say a few times a week then use a boot floppy.

The way i booted into Linux was changing the boot device in the BIOS. No boot loader/floppy were used.

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