Linux Partition Question

  Embezzler 11:37 15 Apr 2003

I'm thinking of installing Linux RedHat 8.0 on my second Hard which is already occupied with Data which i need and do not want to lose.

So, I was thinking if i made a Partition using Partition Magic for Linux would this be ok? and how much space should i allow for it?

I will not be installing any other software with it as i'm only using it for testing purposes.

  John-259217 12:12 15 Apr 2003

You could use Partition Magic to create a partition containing your existing data and leave the rest of the drive as "free space". Then when you start the Red Hat installer it should offer you various options for partition setup you will need the one which says "keep all existing partitions and use free space". I would suggest that you backup your backup first though just in case. Space required depends on how much of the Linux install you intend to use. A full graphical interface will require far more space than a text only setup. Red hat can require about 2 to 3 GB for a full setup but allow far a minimum of 4GB if you want every included package.

  John-259217 12:14 15 Apr 2003

That should have read "backup your data first" I think my laptop has hiccups :-)

  Embezzler 14:17 15 Apr 2003

When trying to install Linux i got an error stating that i do not have enough free space???

Have i done something wrong?

I'm trying to install the Graphical Interface but i just don't know what the problem is, i have loads of free space!


  John-259217 14:27 15 Apr 2003

OK can you give me a few system details please.

  Embezzler 14:43 15 Apr 2003

OK i have a Dell Dimension 4100 with P3 1000, 512 RAM, 2 HD C: 20g F: 60g

F: drive has 19g of space left and two partitions, one of which i'm trying to delete but now it says unallocated and i don't know what to do :(

  John-259217 14:50 15 Apr 2003

Also at what point during the installation did you get the error? At the risk of telling you what you already know, your machine needs to boot from the Red Hat CD. After the first few screens you come to installation type, choose Personal Desktop next choose Automatically partition you should then have three options including Keep all partitions and use existing freespace, select this. Both your hard drives should be shown as hda & hdb, confirm the correct size is shown and deselect the one your not going to use. Now tick review the partitions and hit next. I`m guessing this is where you hit the error if so you will need to use disk druid or fdisk to manually create the root partition for Linux. You could also try creating a partition for Linux with Partition Magic first.

  John-259217 15:08 15 Apr 2003

Bare with me here, I`m just running thru the manual setup on a system with two hard drives like yours. Its the first time I`ve seen this problem with the automatic partitioning tho so I can`t tell yet why its being so fussy.

  John-259217 15:24 15 Apr 2003

OK try this. After the installation type/Personal desktop on the next screen select manually partition with Disk Druid now the hard bit! Under dev/hdb select the freespace, be carefull not to work with the area containing the data you want kept (have you done a backup?!),select new under mount point enter a / (a forward slash in Linux means Root) File system type should be ext3, untick hda, set a size value, I`d suggest 3000 and hit OK. You should now have a Linux Root partition. Select the remaining freespace then hit new and change file system type to swap (no mount point is needed). Untick hda and set the size = or greater than your onboard RAM. Hit OK.


You should now be able to continue with the install!

  John-259217 16:07 15 Apr 2003

Right all the above worked on my dual Hdd system so you should be OK. Just a quick word about the Bootloader. This allows you to choose which O/S to start your system with, the default choice in Red Hat is Grub (Grand Universal Boot Loader). Personally I find this a pain to remove from a system if you decide you don`t want Linux anymore so I prefer to create a boot floppy, at least that way your Windows system should run as before unless you really want to start Linux.

If you`ve got this far, congratulations, you`ll probably now need to go and lie down in a darkened room with a cold flannel on your forehead!!

  Embezzler 18:50 15 Apr 2003

If you told me earlier about the bootloader i wouldn't have installed it but too late now. Never mind if i do need to uninstall it i'll probably format all my drives.

Thanks again :)

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