LINUX Operating System

  [email protected] 15:13 18 Aug 2011

I have been offered a trial download/install of this OS but do not know anything about it.I would welcome comments from users as to whether it is a better alternative to Windos 7 which I have only purchased recently.Apparently it is possible to run it side by side with Win7.

  Strawballs 19:30 18 Aug 2011

Most Linux distros are free and as said above Ubuntu seems to be one of the more popular because it is close in appearence to windows.

  [email protected] 09:11 19 Aug 2011

I haven`t installed this program I was only enquiring about it.Anyway,it was only a one day offer which has now expired.

  scotty 09:52 19 Aug 2011

"It was only a one day offer". Alarm bells start ringing. I would not touch this offer. Linux is freely available any day. If you are interested in trying Linux, I suggest you look at this site:link text

This page contains links to different ways of installing Ubuntu. If you create a CD or USB stick to use for installing Ubuntu, you can use it to try Ubuntu without installing, you are given the option when you start your pc. This will give you a feel for the operating system before you commit to installing Linux.

  Strawballs 19:03 19 Aug 2011

Am I wrong but don't you have to pay for Red Hat?

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