Linux on NTFS?

  Mysticnas 15:14 13 Aug 2003


just to make sure... i can't install RedHat Linux 9 on an NTFS format drive can i?

  Ben Avery 15:22 13 Aug 2003

Never used it old boy - however, if like windows, Linux has it's own "format" before install, then I guess it wouldn't matter as the NTFS or FAT file system would be wiped anywho!

If however Linux has been developed to work on a FAT16 or FAT32 file system, then I guess you'd need to reformat 1st.


  Mysticnas 15:26 13 Aug 2003

i want to keep what i've got on the drive...

i got 2 drives.... one for XPpro & apps and one for saved data, both formatted NTFS.

I heard that with partition magic i can get get a partition in without wiping the current data. But don't know whether Linux will work on a NTFS partition.

  Terrahawk 15:42 13 Aug 2003

this may be of some help info on dual boot linux and xp click here

  Ben Avery 15:47 13 Aug 2003

If you are going to use Partition Magic then all of the work and formatting will be done for you. What happens with PM is you atually create a new hard drive partition on your existing hard drive.

These can bothe be set to different File sytems so will not effect the other part of the partition.

If you click on the tutorial it will run you through how to do this.


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