linux mint & firefox

  orsta 19:20 26 May 2010

I am having troble viewing certain websites using firefox and linux mint 9.

Firefox crashes with the following message shown in treminal. (firefox-bin:2385): Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead
Illegal instruction

As i am just starting with linux, i have no idea on how to sort his problem out. Before i call it quits and return to dear old XP can somebody help?

websites in question are and


  orsta 19:39 26 May 2010

"You could try posting your problem on the Linux Mint forum"

I had thought of that, but, as this forum has been very helpful in the past, I would try here first.


  ronalddonald 20:54 26 May 2010

use linux 8 as linux 9 may be a version that needs improving before its rolled out properly ie it may crash more often. I myself am using linux mint 8

  octal 21:21 26 May 2010

I'm running Linux Ubuntu and just to confirm both those sites work fine, so it must be a problem with Mint. Are you using the the version that came with the Mint distribution rather than downloading it from the Mozilla site?

  octal 21:23 26 May 2010

Just to clarify, are you using the Firefox version that came with Mint? Sorry, my last post wasn't worded very well, that's the trouble with no edit facility on this site.

  LastChip 22:47 26 May 2010

I have to say, I don't get the problem with the previous version of Linux Mint, however, that's not helping you.

Can I make a suggestion?

Open up Synaptic (your package manager) and select Opera for installation. If you're uncertain how to do that, you either scroll down until find Opera and then tick the box - "mark for installation", then click apply or use the search facility and do the same.

Opera will be automatically downloaded for you and installed. (no reboots required).

Personally, I think it's surpassing Firefox and really is a very nice browser.

This will resolve two problems. First, if it doesn't crash, it suggests the bug is in Firefox and not Mint. Second, if it works well, it gives you an alternative until such times as Firefox is fixed.

  orsta 08:24 27 May 2010

Thanks for the replies.

Yes I am using the version of firefox that came with Mint 9.

I have installed Opera and was able to view the sites mentioned.

I had a look at various firefox plugin properties and found that I did not have the correct permissions on some, they were listed as "root". After a quick read up on how to change this around, i reset the permissions to me and now all works well.

(sudo cd /)

Thanks to all


  LastChip 12:04 27 May 2010

Sounds like you're doing really well.

Welcome to the world of Linux and software freedom!

The more you get into it, the more you will find there is unlimited scope to do as you please.

  lodger 20:23 23 Jun 2010

As a very senior user of windows in all of its unreliable guises, i would say that no one is ever so desperate and forlon that they have to return to expensive crappy old windows :) .those days have gone forever!......rejoice!..........

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