Linux live CD am I doing something wrong?

  alternator 09:40 07 Dec 2007

Firstly please excuse my ignorance on the matter. I am trying to get a Linux live cd working. I downloaded LiveCDTR2.iso file for PCLinuxOS. I then burned the file to CD as is (should I have extracted it or something) and tried it in two computers (both with cd as the first boot source, but they just booted into Windows. Any advice on what I am doing wrong would be appreciated.

  stephen0205 10:21 07 Dec 2007

hey there, u need to burn the file as an image, use nero or alcohol 120, there both good, just double click the file and should come up askin to burn in u r default burning software

  alternator 10:32 07 Dec 2007

Thanks stephen, I didn't have any problem burning the file onto the CD. I am just wondering if I have done it correctly. I used Nero and just dragged the file onto the Nero page and hit burn. I am just wondering do I need to select anything other than burn ISO disk. Is there anyway of checking the CD to see if it has been burned in the correct format.

  dth 12:19 07 Dec 2007

It will not work if you burn the iso download as a file. You need to create the cd/dvd using the image option and then add the iso download. This will then create a bootable cd/dvd.

For example if using nero express - you would select the option called 'disc image or saved project'.

  alternator 12:29 07 Dec 2007

Thanks for that, I presumed I was being a bit of a numbty. I'll give it a go, and report back

  octal 14:49 07 Dec 2007

This might help click here scroll down the page for Nero.

  octal 14:54 07 Dec 2007

If it helps this is what the CD files look like after you've burnt the CD click here

  alternator 15:40 07 Dec 2007

I am pretty sure that is what I have done using Nero 5. I followed the wizard as suggested options I used were "Other Cd formats>Create cd from an image file you are then presented with the dialogue box to select the iso file and then select burn.As a side note there is a note to say nero will burn the image file with a .nrg extention, is this where I am going wrong. Would following the wizard as suggested give a different result.

Looking at the cd with windows explorer I get:
similar details to the one you show:
Windows icon for a folder "boot" File folder 14/02/07
Windows icon for a folder "isolinux" File folder 14/02/07
Window icon "livecd.sqfs"705,936kb sqfsfile 14/02/07

Again thanks octal not sure if it just me being dim

  skidzy 16:03 07 Dec 2007

click here Excellent guide with freeware tools.

  alternator 16:23 07 Dec 2007

I think this is pretty much what I have done with Nero. I will try and do another cd with nero the way they suggested to see if it makes any difference. Then I will have runout of 80min CDs I have 74min ones but they don't seem quite big enough.

  alternator 16:39 07 Dec 2007

Thanks - I was wondering about that. It is just that the websites you go to to download the PClinuxOS are a bit of a maze, there is not just one nice download button to press you have to select from a number of options, can you suggest a website where it is straight forward to download the final version of PClinuxOS

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