linux LAN on my PC! am i hijacked?

  amandawho 15:58 19 Nov 2005

I have been using my pc, WINXP Pro, Wireless D-link adapter, actiontec modem; I am connected via Mac which is our main modem connection.

My pc operation has been excellent until a few days ago.

We run a MAC, PC, Laptop.
Mac is modem, others wireless.

The Mac and Laptop are up and running excellent;
They have been up and running all along. When I look at my actiontec ISP? online my computer name does not show up anymore. The other two do.

I have not changed any of my settings. I have been running wireless for at least 3 months.. working excellent.

I did a walk through with my modem support via phone, there are no problems with modem etc. During the walk through it showed my BlueTooth adapter with the yellow triangle and "!" I did not have my thingy plugged in (I installed to use WACOM tablet) not for LAN.

My pc will not connect to internet, even though my LAN shows it IS connected. When I log on to IE or Firefox, I get a page that reads "the page you found unavailable..." And instructs me to Tools/ connections/ internet options/...etc.

So I did this and to no avail.
*again I was CONNECTED but NO ACCESS.

NOW. The whatsit
What freaks me out..

While I was trying to get online, out of the blue, a new LAN showed up. It was LINUX. I cannot recall at the moment a version but it had three caps letters under it and showed "connected". I could not change any of its settings, remove it, disable it, nothing. Its as if it were unclickable/ shows up and leaves just as quickly. Whether its there or not, I cannot access internet.

None of us in the household runs Linux at all.
I dont even know what in the helllo Linux is.
So I googled it up and can't even understand what it reads about or why. None of us do.

I am seriously concerned bout my pc..
Does this mean I have been hijacked?

I've removed the D-link thingy. I put the ethernet card back in.

Now I am sat here on the MAC thinking to throw
the PC off the deck. We even thought to film it!

With that said--
Does anyone know whats happened here?

i am long-winded, LOL/.


  amandawho 16:13 19 Nov 2005

my antivirus cannot update; last update 12Nov. i was running System Works.

i purchased yesterday the 2006 Norton Internet Security to upgrade. installed and works for laptop, installed to PC and cannot use liveupdate.

i am thinking this is when the trouble began;
12 nov. ?

  amandawho 16:18 19 Nov 2005

Another detail;
Looking through other helproom questions-- I thought to reinstall my XP disk and it read that my disk is older than what I currently have running. What is that about?

I am So confused; pardon my going on.

  Skyver 16:42 19 Nov 2005

Did someone set up the wireless equipment for you or did you do it yourself? If no security measures (encryption, passwords or only allowing specific computers to connect) were in place someone in the neighbourhood may have taken opportunity to `borrow` your net connection, hence the appearance of a new entry in Network Connections. You can try a few simple tests for connectivity on the PC, no need to worry about re-installing XP just yet - it's possible a setting in Norton is blocking access to the internet. The lack of a working net connection is what is stopping Liveupdate - again, that could be due to the newer Norton installation. The XP disk is probably an original or Service Pack 1 disc, if your PC is all up to date it will be running Service Pack 2, so in that sense the CD is `older`.
What OS does your laptop use? The bluetooth issue won't have affected your net connection, it's just missing a driver or needs removing and re-installing.

  amandawho 18:10 19 Nov 2005

Bear with me I'm not hip about understanding this stuff. I do know a little bit.

I did a walk through with my modem service person/Actiontec.

The laptop is running WinXP;
it is @month old direct from dell.

And yes, I am running SP2 on my PC/ Right.
The bluetooth is not a problem. Cool beans.

I already had another norton system works2004 or 5; I no longer have the box. Irrelevant/ It worked with Live Updating until the 12th. (That is what shows up on my update status thingy)

And my NEW programme, the Norton2006 package while istalling has the pop-up reads: I have 2 problems:

1)Obviously no internet connection, hence no Live Updating.
2)Virus scan /its been ran already/ all OK.

I purchased Symantec online yesterday and its legal, lol. I commenced to run it on my PC..when I was completed and setting my options.. That freaky LINUX came on board and I screamed like a wild rabbit then pulled all the plugs. *how can i find out who did that?? IF its a neighbour* Grr. Cuss.

The 2006version on the laptop works like a charm.

I can pull my PC around if anyone would care to walk me through.. or wotch the vid of it Truly Crashing.

Its not funny so I laugh.

Whats next
and Thankyou for your support!!!!!!

  Skyver 18:25 19 Nov 2005

First thing to do is check your network config in XP is still working OK - if it is, the next thing to look at (and possibly remove until things are sorted) is your latest Norton install. Someone else may come up with a more accurate answer regarding the LINUX thing, I only have a basic knowledge of wireless broadband but it sounds as if that is what happened. It's fairly simple to prevent people hijacking your 'net connection unless they're prepared to spend a few hours working out your encryption (amongst other things); it's easy to locate an unprotected wireless setup and some people take advantage of that..

To check your PC - go to Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories/ and select Command Prompt, you'll see a window appear with white text on a black background - type `ipconfig` in the window and press enter (minus the quotes), you should get three lines of numbers back. As you are connected via a router the first line will probably start 192.168 - post back with what you see.

  amandawho 18:31 19 Nov 2005

I would have to re-install my wireless then?
Or can I go direct with Ethernet?

If I have to put the wireless card back in--
it will take me a few minutes then.


  amandawho 18:34 19 Nov 2005

There is an option to password the modem. Think?

  Skyver 18:46 19 Nov 2005

You can do this with ethernet, it's best to make sure everything is OK with your net connection before disconnecting the cables and configuring wireless again.
The passwords for wireless should be set up yes, if you mean a password to access the router settings it's not quite the same thing but either way choose something simple for the time being.

  amandawho 18:57 19 Nov 2005

Please dont laugh now.. How do I get hooked with ethernet. I have the cord here!

Please tell me I am not the only DOH~ here

  Skyver 19:00 19 Nov 2005

Everyone has to start somewhere, no problem.
The ethernet cable will plug in to your PC's RJ45 socket (as long as it has a built in NIC and most modern PCs do) - look for a socket like this click here

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