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  [DELETED] 01:34 14 Nov 2003

Hi, im trying to install Linux Mandrake to no avail

ive partioned the hard drive, but when i boot my pc with the cd allready in the drive it wont use it, ive tryed booting with a floopy disk, it works at first but then the screen goes blank and caps lock+scroll lock lights on my keyboard flashes

sorry if ive been unclear, but any help would be much appreachiated



  hugh-265156 01:46 14 Nov 2003

you need to set your cdrom as the first boot device in the bios.

when your computer starts up,the first screen you see will say something like "press F2 to enter set up" or similar.

click here for popular keys to tap

once in the bios look under the advanced tab for boot options or similar,save and exit when set.

with the cdrom in the drive it should boot up and start the install,partition the drive etc.

linux is a bit more fiddly than windows so have a read

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

  powerless 07:08 14 Nov 2003

Did you burn the images of the DVD and as an image or did you just copy them?

(if you used the DVD as the sourve for the iso's)

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