Linux is different!

  LastChip 21:44 11 Jun 2003

Linux formats in a different format, to Windows, which is why, you can no longer see your drive in Windows.

Did you load Lilo; the Linux Boot Loader? It is this program that allows the system to dual boot, which means you can select which operating system to boot into at start-up.

If not, go into the BIOS, and make sure the first boot device is selected to CD Rom, and you should be able to re-load Linux from your CD, making sure you select this option when offered, to use a boot loader.

Alternatively, you can use Fdisk to remove the Linux partitions from your drive and re-format them back to whatever you had; FAT32 perhaps? It would be a shame though, as you will be missing out on a superb operating system, that has much to offer. You must appreciate though, there IS a steep learning curve, and it requires patience to learn ANY new system; remember the first time you used Windows?

However, if you really want to recover the drive to Windows, you have to go into Fdisk, and choose the option to Delete a non-DOS partition. Once each partition is deleted you can then re-partition the drive and format as desired!

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