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I have taken th plunge and installed Linux as my second OS. I have set it to boot from the floppy but find this very slow. How can I set up a boot loader to let me pick at start up if I want XP or RedHat(9) to boot?
I use linux a little at Uni to program Java (I am not very good- week 6of my Msc and I still find it hard...yikes).

I like the Terminal and Nedit in Lunux, so I though I would use it at home.

So, any one know how to set up a boot loader in for XP and Linux!?
I am off to one of my Java labs now... yippy, ill try to pop in while I am there!


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Try finding a copy of Powerquest Partition Magic i'm sure there is a bootloading function included.
From memory it allows you to determine boot preferncs , time-out etc.

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I use Suse - but if you find the control settings there will be a booting options section. Change the setting and add a bootloader (Grub or Lilo) TO YOUR MBR (the first part of your hard disc). With Grub you can pick either o/s to be the default - and on starting your p/c you just choose which system you would like to use.

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From a Linux terminal type "info grub" (without quotes). This will give you the manual for the GRand Unified Bootloader included with Linux. To exit the manual hit "q".

This is a more complicated option than using a commercial program like Powerquest Bootmagic referred to above but you already have it available.

Read the manual carefully if you intend to use it and make sure you fully understand how to set it up on your system.

There is also an older program called LiLo (Linux Loader) which has fewer option and can be more difficult to configure, type "man lilo" for details, but I would recommend GRuB.


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