linux bootloader

  [DELETED] 20:42 11 Aug 2003

Hi all,

A while ago I installed a copy of suse linux on my laptop to duel boot with windows 2000, all went well till i decided to remove it because it wouldnt wireless network without me needing a degree is linux programming.
The problem is that the boot loader is still in place and offers me to boot either linux or win2000, myos still works ok but this is just annoying the heckouta me.
How do I get rid of it?



  powerless 20:45 11 Aug 2003

Backup your data just incase.

MS's way click here (maybe)

Use a boot click here (98 one) disk and type at the prompt:

fdisk /mbr

Click ok.

This will rewrite the boot record and away the linux loader goes.

  powerless 20:46 11 Aug 2003

ah your using 2000 ignore first click here.

  [DELETED] 20:52 11 Aug 2003

thankspowerless you have just pointed me in the right direction, thanks mate!

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