Linux Boot Problems

  h04x 22:32 07 Jun 2003

I have recently installed redhat 8, i used partition magic and partitioned the HDD, i set it up so i could dual boot, now when i start it up i need a boot disk to boot linux and i can not seem to bott my windows 2k, when it starts up it just comes up with "L_" and does not do anything else, i cannot type any commands or anything, how can i solve this problem?
Any Help Much Appreciated, Thanks Scott MacDonald

  powerless 22:48 07 Jun 2003

Restart and boot the computer with a boot disc click here

At the prmpt type:


Click ok and give a few seconds. Restart and see what happens.

  h04x 22:58 07 Jun 2003

which boot disk do i need, jus the 2000 one, could i not jus make it up of my windows cd

  powerless 23:03 07 Jun 2003

I used the Windows 98 disk. Although using Windows XP it still worked.

  h04x 23:10 07 Jun 2003

will this command allow me ot choose if i want to boot up in linux or 2k?

  powerless 23:15 07 Jun 2003

This command will fix the Windows 2000 master boot record. So it should allow you to boot into Windows 2000.

You said you used a boot disk to start Linux? to boot into linux use this linux boot disk. To boot into windows just remove and floppy disks and start the computer and you should boot into windows.

Using fdisk /mbr should allow you to do this.

  powerless 23:17 07 Jun 2003

To boot into windows just remove all floppy disks.

  h04x 23:21 07 Jun 2003

k, i will jus try it jus now, thanks alot m8

  h04x 23:36 07 Jun 2003

that boot disk wont boot me into doss

  powerless 00:12 08 Jun 2003

You should be able to.

  John-259217 00:42 08 Jun 2003

Just a thought here, as you used PQMagic to create your partitions, did you install PQBootMagic at the same time? If so did you create the BootMagic rescue disk as this would allow you to see your partitions and set the Win2k to active. Even if you did not install BootMagic you can create the boot disk on another PC and try it on the problem machine.

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