linux advice

  ĀÕL иàťﻍŗ 17:07 27 Jan 2003

hi all i want to put linux on my system on a seperate partition but i have very little funds.

can you advice me of the best (and cheapest) way to create a seperate partition preferably without reformatting my whole system and if i can create a partition for linux.

also were would i find a copy of linux the download is far to big for my 56k modem and how much space would i need for the new partition.

i hope i have been clear enough in my intentions


  Lú-tzé 17:19 27 Jan 2003

Partition magic 9 is currently £30 in PC World - the easiest way of partitioning a hdd.

Can also be done for free with fdisk - but this method loses everthing on the hdd.

Too much to download via 56modem though - sometimes various versions are on Cover Disks of comp mags.

  Lú-tzé 17:22 27 Jan 2003

click here for cheap linux cds.

  Stuy 18:16 27 Jan 2003

A linux distro normally comes with a partition manager as part of the install process. They do the job but remember to back up just in case.

  muppetmark 19:17 27 Jan 2003

If you just want to trial Linux visit click here and download and run from CD

  woodchip 19:26 27 Jan 2003

You do not need a partition for Linux, But you do have to create some free space to load it best about 3Mb. As above Partition Magic You will only have to shrink you C:\drive You will not loose any info on your disc You do not need a partition for Linux, But you do

  woodchip 19:28 27 Jan 2003

will need a DVD player in your comp you DVD version you check PC Plus for a Free Linux distro

  woodchip 19:30 27 Jan 2003

Sorry about that check PC Plus for a free Linux Distro.

DVD version

  zanwalk 20:21 27 Jan 2003

In addition to the links above link try this for a very good source of info on the various flavours of Linux available:

click here

Also, if you do want to try running Linux from a CD, email me (envelope by my name) and I can let you have a copy.

  redelf 13:44 28 Jan 2003

The latest copy of Linux Format (maybe Linux Forum) magazine has a distro which will run Linux direct from the CD. Mag costs about £5 or so.

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