cruiser2 18:16 27 Dec 2008

At present I use Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. Can I download Linux and use that as well or instead of Mozilla?
Which Linux is best as I am a silver surfer. I use email and browse web sites as well as editing photos and videos.
Any advice much appreciated

  skidzy 18:19 27 Dec 2008

A Linux disto is an operating system and not a browser as your post suggests.Firefox will be available in Linux.

You can happily dual boot between Linux and xp/vista etc.

  woodchip 18:19 27 Dec 2008

Linux is a operating System, Not a Browser. Like Windows is a Operating System that runs Windows Programs.

mozilla is a Browser

  LastChip 18:31 27 Dec 2008

Linux is indeed an operating system and I have found it to be a very good solution for people like yourself. It has some very distinct advantages.

click here for something I wrote last week and will give you a very small insight into what Linux is about.

If you find it appeals, there are other contributions on the site, some by me and others by other members. Look under Linux for novices and a lot will be explained.

As an aside, I've recently been testing SimplyMEPIS with new users in mind and it's an extremely good distro to start with.

  cruiser2 14:04 29 Dec 2008

Thank you Skidzy, Woodchip and Lastchip. Have down loaded and printed the info from Lastchip.
In your replies you mention "Distro" and Disto". Are these the same and what are they?
I am a silver surfer so please accept my apologies if I don't understand some of the technical words

  LastChip 14:26 29 Dec 2008

Sorry, I'll go and edit it now, or do you mean, in this thread?. Yes they are the same and it should be "distro", short for distribution.

I've been thinking about various questions that have been asked over the past few days and I'm going back to the FAQ to edit in some more information. So if you wish, feel free to revisit it.

  woodchip 16:27 29 Dec 2008

You can try it without loading it to the hard drive, by using a Live Linux CD You Download the one you want to try then create a ISO image to a CD from click here

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