Madpad_001 19:38 03 Dec 2008

Firstly sorry if this question has been answered but I can't find it .

Being a total novice On Linux I just want to know if you still need a firewall and anti virus when using Linux?

Thanks in advance


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:47 03 Dec 2008

Any operating system can be hacked or attacked.
Linux isn't targeted quite so much.

  LastChip 21:04 03 Dec 2008

Linux, as you may know, is a lot more secure than Windows. Please keep that in mind, while I offer the following.

One should always operate behind a firewall, no matter what system you are using. By far the most common Internet connection used by Linux, are routers. If you are using one of these, almost certainly, it will have a built in firewall and this is usually sufficient. However, you can build an enterprise strength firewall in Linux, if you have a direct connection to the Internet. There are a number of well regarded Linux firewalls. click here for a piece I wrote on installing such a firewall. It's written for Debian, but much the same will apply whatever distribution you are using.

As regards anti-virus software, you don't really need any, but I must clarify that statement.

Linux has very few viruses in the wild. In fact, I've NEVER seen a report of an infected Linux computer. Those viruses that are around, are mainly ones written as a proof of concept (in order to gain knowledge to enhance security even further) and have never been released as such into the wild. Linux is EXTREMELY hard to infect. This comes from the way it is written and the architecture that is used. Now, having said all that, I DO USE clamav, a linux anti-virus application and this is why.

If I receive a file that I want to pass on to a Windows user, I like to make sure it is not infected. Therefore, for me, it's more about protecting the Windows users, than any fear of a virus as such.

I hope that makes sense for you and if you have any further question, please feel free to ask.

  Madpad_001 21:16 03 Dec 2008


You have been a great help

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