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Linus Mint 10 for a new build?

  SparkyJack 17:33 22 Feb 2011

I am about to screw together a new machine.
Well nearly new - a Novatech barebones box -a used Hard drive and DVD writer, for my daughter
Now contemplating which operating system.
I have various version of XP ,but wondering how about a complete break way and going for say - Linux Mint 10
Any thoughts and tips would be appreciated- also which browser is recommended Firefox or Opera or another.
Thanking you all in anticipation

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:42 22 Feb 2011

"for my daughter"

Tried asking her what she wants? :0)

  GaT7 17:49 22 Feb 2011

If your daughter is going to be the one using it & installing programs, etc then I'd go for Windows, as the latter is much more user-friendly for a non-tech person.

I'd suggest installing Linux as a dual-boot with Windows so she can try it out, & also have a choice of whichever takes her fancy at the time. She can also run Linux off the Live disc, so there's no installing to do. But if you go for the dual-boot then XP preferably gets installed first, followed by the Linux install. Also you'll need at least 3 partitions (one hard disk is enough though) - one for each of the OSes (larger for XP) & a small 'swap partition' (1Gb should be enough) for the Linux install. G

  GaT7 18:33 22 Feb 2011

SparkyJack, I've decided to try Linux Mint alongside XP, & I'm going to use this alternative method of installing for a change click here.

If you also choose the same, perhaps we can exchange notes on how it goes? G

  canarieslover 19:16 22 Feb 2011

I'm using VMware Player which allows you to have a virtual machine without disturbing your Windows partition. I currently have Win XP Pro, Ubuntu & Kubuntu all installed in their own players and can launch them from within Win 7. The real beauty comes if you decide you don't like them you only have delete them from within VMware. If your daughter decides that she prefers Windows then it just needs VMware removed with no worries about a Boot Manager if she goes back to Windows.
Download here click here ,make certain you use the free version.

  LastChip 03:45 23 Feb 2011

Do yourself a favour and forget Windows.


Because you'll spend a lot less time nurse-maiding the computer once it's installed.

I've supplied several Linux Mint and (believe it or not) Debian machines to people and businesses and I never hear from them again.

When I make a follow up courtesy call, a typical response will be; it's brilliant!

I would suggest you use the Debian version, as it's more stable than the Ubuntu based version, though both by comparison, will blow Windows out of the water, both on stability and speed. Not to mention, no problems with malware or viruses. No more "genuine advantage" rubbish to tolerate; no more keys to put in; no more being told what you can do with your own computer. Linux is completely flexible in every respect.

One caveat. If your daughter has Windows games she plays, while some can work in Linux, frankly for most folk, it's just too much hassle. Those games were designed to work on Windows and that's where they should stay. As an extension to this, although you may know, it's worth mentioning. In general, don't expect any Windows programs to work in Linux. Some can be got going and can work well, but it's not straight forward and you'd be better to adopt the mindset of using native Linux programs to achieve the same result.

Installing programs is absolutely no problem. Just go to the software centre, click on what you want and let it install. I'm sure your daughter could manage that!

Fear is what stops people trying. You've got the opportunity; go for it.

  SparkyJack 12:12 23 Feb 2011

Several of you commented - what would my daughter prefer.
She is as 99% most folk a user - O/S choice is not a concern or for that matter what goes on inside the machine so long as it does what it is set to do.
Her primary occupation is surfing,E-mail via Incredimail- does that work with Linux?
So I guess it couldl be a dual system- so ling as I am not being nagged to motor over to sort her out too often- Parking near her home is a nightmare.

As for kangmeng8932 interruption- as stated elsewhere
,A sure way of alienating the 1m or so users of this site and lose any potential custom.

  Jollyjohn 12:23 23 Feb 2011

Incredimail does not work under Linux but Thunderbird is very good and easily customised to give a nice working layout, nice stationery for messages and signatures.

Save the drive over use either LogMeIn - requires some installation and set up or Teamviewer - this works in both Windows and Linux

I use PCLinuxOS and rarely boot to Windows these days but I would recommend Ubuntu and a dual boot set up initially. My 3 year old loves Qimo for kids, a linux distro, and can cope with dual booting!

  canarieslover 13:43 23 Feb 2011

Don't forget that, as with any O/S, there will be a learning curve. If your daughter is already familiar with Windows you may not need to find a parking space there too often. There is always the chance that she may find someone else locally who is familiar enough with Windows to help out if you are not available. I doubt that the same will apply with Linux.

  Matt Egan 14:18 23 Feb 2011

click here

So if your daughter is reasonably tech-savvy she should be fine. These days the web browser is the most important program anyway. I'd consider Ubuntu too:

click here

It's obvious, but it's my favourite Linux OS. Just avoid the more techie ones such as CrunchBag:

click here

Nothing wrong with them/it, but for your needs a bit user unfriendly.


  GaT7 14:36 23 Feb 2011

As I said before, give her BOTH choices & let her decide for herself. She is old enough to know what she likes/dislikes, isn't she? G

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