linksys x1000 router/modem

  stileguru 20:57 11 Sep 2013

The router works fine most of the time except after a period of inactivity (overnight or during a weekday for example) when it appears to lose its connection and needs restarting. It's as if it has gone into sleep mode, but the utilities menus make no reference to power save functions. Could it be that the power adaptor has this facility instead? Has anyone else come across this problem?

  Quiller. 22:15 11 Sep 2013

Try a different rj45 telephone cable to the router and a different telephone adapter.

I had similar with a belkin. Changed the stock rj45 with a good quality one and the connection improved significantly.

  Press Man 09:41 12 Sep 2013

To rule out there being an issue with the router, do you have another router to try, and see if you get the same issue?

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