Linksys WRT54gs & BT voyager 100

  sicknote 19:01 10 Jun 2005

Hi All
I thought i brought a linksys wrt54gs with built-in modem (well we all make mistakes from time to time)Is there anyway to connect a voyager 100 modem to a wrt54gs with a different cable Or is it a case of a new modem if so what is the right one to get !!!

Many Thanks

  jolorna 20:29 10 Jun 2005

why would you want to connect the voyager to it?

  sicknote 20:47 10 Jun 2005

Unless i am missing something here the wrt54gs does not have modem in it,It shows the wrt54gs connected to a external modem.

  jolorna 21:44 10 Jun 2005

unless im reading it wrong its a router so you shouldn't require a modem as well click here

  sicknote 21:55 10 Jun 2005

if you go to click here and read page 1 and part e it says about connect to cable or modem ??
The voyager only has a USB connection in !!! and thats my problem i think !!!!

  jolorna 22:05 10 Jun 2005

sorry reading that then there is no way you can use the voyager 100, maybe if you havn't had it long you might be able to exchange it for something else,

  Strawballs 01:03 11 Jun 2005

That is the Router that I have and yes you are right it does not have a USB connection so I think that it is going to have to be a new modem/router.

  Strawballs 01:25 11 Jun 2005

Super Frankie Lamps on the network forum has what you need and you what he needs maybe you 2 should communicate

  sicknote 09:32 11 Jun 2005

Thanks all !!! I am off to PC world this morning to change this for the right one !!!!!

  jolorna 19:42 13 Jun 2005

did they swap the modem for you?

  sicknote 20:06 13 Jun 2005

Yes no problems there ,changed it for the Linksys WAG54G ADSL Gateway

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