LinkSYS WRT54G Wireless Cable Router - Slow Speeds

  MogsyDude 12:09 08 Aug 2007


I'm using a LinkSYS WRT54G Wireless Cable Router, Ever since i started using it i get slow speeds, I got a 10mb Cable connection and its rapid when i didnt have the router, now its going slow (really slow).

I have already checked all possible settings on router config and disabled firewall... nothing seems to work.

Can anyone help please??

  mgmcc 13:36 08 Aug 2007

Are the slow speeds you are experiencing while connected "wirelessly" or by ethernet cable?

If "wirelessly", it could be due to a poor wireless link between PC and router caused by interference or the location of the two devices. Try changing the Channel number in the router's wireless settings to see if that brings any improvement.

  MogsyDude 23:12 08 Aug 2007

I have a computer which has an Ethernet Cable, and a wireless laptop on Windows Wista Home Premium, I dont have both on at the same time (either one or the other) But what ever one i am on it runs slow.

I've tried changing the channel number on the router and still no joy.

When i take the router out of the equasion it goes back to normal 10mb speeds.

Any other advise pleaseee! I've ran out of ideas now!

  mgmcc 07:38 09 Aug 2007

If it is definitely set up correctly, i.e. it should be getting its addresses by DHCP and not using PPPoE or a Username/Password, then I would suspect a possible hardware fault. Is this a new router as the WRT54G was superseded by the WTR54GS "Speedboster" version?

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